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What is the cost of LLC in UAE?

Forming a limited liability company (LLC) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) requires certain fees and costs. This article provides an overview of the key expenses associated with establishing and operating an LLC in the UAE.

What is the cost of LLC in UAE?

Steps to Form an LLC in UAE

There are several steps involved in setting up an LLC in the UAE:

  1. Reserve a trade name – You need to choose a unique name for your LLC and reserve it with the Department of Economic Development (DED). This costs around AED 1,000.
  2. Draft memorandum and articles of association – These documents establish the rules governing your LLC. Drafting them typically costs AED 2,000-5,000.
  3. Lease office space – You need to provide proof of commercial office space to register an LLC. Rental rates vary greatly depending on location.
  4. Obtain approvals from relevant authorities – Depending on your industry, you may need to get permissions from governmental departments before establishing your LLC. This can add AED 2,000-5,000 to costs.
  5. Open a bank account – To complete LLC registration, you must open a business bank account. This costs around AED 1,000 upfront.
  6. Register with DED – Finally, you can file for LLC registration with the DED. Registration fees are AED 14,000-18,000 depending on location.

So the key costs involved in forming an LLC in UAE include trade name reservation, document drafting, office rental, government approvals, bank account opening and DED registration, among other expenses. Overall the total cost of establishing an LLC ranges from AED 20,000 to AED 40,000.

Ongoing LLC Costs in UAE

In addition to the initial formation costs, you have to factor in annual LLC costs to operate legally in the UAE:

  • License renewal – Your commercial license must be renewed each year with the DED, costing around AED 15,000.
  • Visas and residency – To sponsor visas for employees, you must pay visa costs along with residency fees yearly. This totals around AED 6,000 per sponsored employee.
  • Corporate support – You may need third-party assistance with tasks like bookkeeping, PRO services and document compliance for which you must budget annually.
  • Levies and taxes – No corporate tax, but several municipalities charge an annual trade license fee. Additionally, VAT and excise taxes apply to your sales.
  • Trademarks – Registering a trademark in your name costs over AED 3,000 initially with renewal expenses every 10 years.

So factoring in the ongoing overhead costs, expect to spend around AED 30,000-60,000 per year to legally operate your LLC in the UAE. The overall expenses can go much higher if your LLC has employees or extensive licensing requirements. Discuss details with a corporate services advisor before establishing your company.

How to Reduce LLC Costs

While formation and compliance costs might seem excessive, here are some ways to minimize your expenses:

  • Set up in a free zone – Free zones often have lower fees, flexible share capital needs and no local sponsor or office requirements.
  • Go for a professional license if possible – These have relatively lower fees compared to commercial or industrial licenses.
  • Opt for a flexi desk – Using shared office space or virtual offices can eliminate rental overheads.
  • Carefully evaluate sponsorship requirements – Consider freelancers or remote overseas workers to minimize visa costs.
  • Use third-party insurance – Your LLC may not need to take costly insurance immediately if your provider covers you.
  • Leverage incentives and subsidies – Dubai and other Emirates offer attractive packages for strategic sectors and SMEs.

While an LLC still entails sizeable costs in the UAE, smart financial planning and choice of jurisdiction can optimize your expenses significantly. Consider all aspects before selecting an optimal LLC structure tailored to your business objectives and budget.


The cost of establishing a limited liability company in the UAE can range from AED 20,000 to 40,000 including government fees for trade name approval, documentation, licensing, space leasing and bank account creation. You also need around AED 30,000-60,000 per year for renewals, visas, PRO services, insurance and taxes to legally operate your LLC. However, free zones, professional licenses, virtual offices and incentive schemes can greatly lower your overall costs. Consult specialized agencies to choose the best LLC model optimized for affordability and ease of operations for your business.

Key Takeaways

  • Initial LLC formation costs in UAE range from AED 20,000-40,000 including fees for approvals, office space and government registration
  • Ongoing yearly costs can add up to AED 30,000-60,000 including visa expenses, taxes and license renewals
  • Choosing a free zone, professional license or virtual office can significantly lower overall LLC costs
  • Carefully evaluate sponsorship rules and leverage government incentives while planning LLC structure
  • Consult agencies for advice on tailoring optimal and affordable LLC model per your business activities

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most significant costs for forming an LLC in UAE?
A: The major costs are DED registration fees (AED 14,000-18,000), document drafting (AED 2,000-5,000), office leasing and trade name reservation (up to AED 1,000) along with any special permits.

Q: How much yearly costs should I budget for my new UAE LLC?
A: Expect around AED 30,000-60,000 for overheads like license renewal, employee visas, PRO fees, taxes and related expenses to legally operate annually.

Q: Can I set up an LLC in UAE without physical office space?
A: Yes, you can opt for a flexi desk or use a third-party registered office space initially which lowers rental costs significantly.

Q: What costs more – Mainland LLC or Free Zone LLC?
A: Free Zone LLC formation and renewal is significantly cheaper overall since it allows 100% foreign ownership and exempts you from various complex mainland requirements.

Q: Does an LLC require paying corporate taxes in UAE?
A: No, only VAT and excise taxes apply currently. But certain Emirates charge annual municipality trade license fees.

Q: Can I get financial support or subsidies for my new UAE LLC?
A: Yes, both Dubai and AD provide attractive support for innovative startups, SMEs, high-skilled entrepreneurs and strategic priority sectors.

Q: Are there ongoing legal fees after I form my UAE LLC?
A: Yes, you would need to budget for any corporate legal advisory services related to contracts, disputes, documentation, intellectual property and regulatory compliance.

Q: What are the post-incorporation procedures for my LLC?
A: Key tasks include obtaining trade licenses, worker visas, health cards and insurance, leasing warehousing if applicable, and documentation for banking, accounting and HR.

Q: How long is the LLC registration process in the UAE?
A: If all documents are ready, approval can take 2-4 weeks. Overall, expect 3-6 months including name approval, document submission and awaiting final licenses.

Q: Can I get banking services before formally registering my new LLC?
A: Yes, several banks offer pre-registration accounts and services helping you transact until completion of final incorporation formalities.

Q: Can I cancel my UAE mainland LLC and get a refund?
A: While canceling is allowed after incurring hefty cancellation penalties, you usually cannot claim refunds for government fees and other charges paid earlier.

Q: Can I renew my UAE mainland LLC license while outside the country?
A: Yes, a PRO services firm can help renew your DED license, immigration cards, municipality certificates and visas without your physical presence.

Q: What are the penalties if I fail to renew my UAE LLC on time?
A: Fines can range from AED 1,000 for under 3 months delay to AED 10,000 after that along with trade suspension, visa cancellation and bank account freezing risks.

Q: Can I convert my LLC to a private shareholding company later?
A: Yes, you can upgrade to a more complex PSC structure allowing outside shareholders once your LLC meets the higher capital requirements.

Q: How do I close down my unprofitable UAE mainland LLC legally?
A: Inform relevant departments, settle all dues, cancel licenses and visas, close bank accounts and submit final de-registration application with the DED.

Q: Can I still do business after canceling my mainland UAE LLC license?
A: No, without a valid trade license you cannot legally perform commercial activities though exceptions apply for closing ongoing projects before final de-registration.

Q: Is apparatus fee a significant annual LLC expense?
A: Yes, some Emirates charge high apparatus fees based on number of employees and size of office, which adds to yearly operational costs.

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