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Is there a minimum capital for LLC in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi, the capital and second most populous city of the United Arab Emirates, has become a major hub for commerce and business in the Middle East. Many international companies and entrepreneurs choose to set up limited liability companies (LLCs) in the emirate due to its business-friendly policies, world-class infrastructure and 0% corporate tax on income.

Is there a minimum capital for LLC in Abu Dhabi?

A common question that arises when establishing an LLC in Abu Dhabi is whether there is a minimum capital requirement. The short answer is – yes, all LLC companies in Abu Dhabi must have a minimum share capital of AED 150,000. This upfront capital acts as initial funding and ensures only serious investors set up companies in the emirate.

LLC Company Structure in Abu Dhabi

  • LLCs are distinct from sole proprietorships and require at least 2 and maximum 50 shareholders/partners.
  • Majority ownership must be held by a UAE national – minimum 51%. The remaining 49% can be owned by expats or foreign nationals.
  • An LLC in Abu Dhabi provides liability protection to the company’s directors and shareholders. Their personal assets are shielded in case of business losses or debt.
  • Profits can be shared as per the percentages defined in the company’s Memorandum of Association. Similarly, losses incurred are shared in the same ratios.

Importance of Minimum Capital for LLCs

The AED 150,000 minimum capital requirement serves some key purposes:

  • Shows commitment & financial capability – Setting up an LLC with substantial capital indicates promoters are investing significantly in the company. Banks may view it more favorably for lending purposes.
  • Boosts confidence of investors/lenders – Higher paid-up capital implies the finances are in place right from the start to kickstart operations and cover initial expenses.
  • Limits speculative businesses – Deters investors looking for quick rewards without solid plans by attaching a minimum investment amount. Does not allow severely underfunded LLCs.
  • Provides operating funds – The capital can be used to rent office space, buy inventory, take care of salaries and other overheads in the first few months before profits start rolling in.

Capital Contribution Process

Contributing the minimum share capital is straightforward and can be done in two ways:

  • Cash – Each founding shareholder can directly transfer the funds to the company’s bank account.
  • Assets – Assets like machinery, real estate, vehicles etc. can also comprise part of the total capital value. Their ownership must be transferred to the company.

Banks usually require proof that the entire AED 150,000 is paid up before opening an account for the LLC. Overall, setting up an LLC in Abu Dhabi takes 15-20 days including license approval, visa processing etc.


While the minimum 150,000 AED capital for LLCs may seem high initially, it has multiple benefits in the long run and shows external stakeholders that the promoters are fully committed to the company. With appropriate business planning and finances in place upfront, LLCs have an advantageous structure for securing investments and driving sustained expansion in Abu Dhabi’s vibrant commercial environment.

Key Takeaway

  • LLC companies in Abu Dhabi require minimum share capital of AED 150,000 as per government regulations before starting operations. This capital can comprise cash and asset transfers and ensures only serious investors set up LLCs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the minimum number of partners/shareholders required for an LLC in Abu Dhabi?
    A minimum of 2 partners/shareholders are required to set up an LLC in Abu Dhabi. The maximum number of partners cannot exceed 50.
  2. Can one person fully own an LLC in Abu Dhabi?
    No, 100% sole ownership is not permitted. Majority stake (minimum 51%) must be held by a local UAE national. The remaining share can be owned by expat investors/partners.
  3. Is there any corporate tax charged on LLC companies in Abu Dhabi?
    No, there is currently zero income tax charged on LLC companies in Abu Dhabi. There are no personal income taxes as well in UAE.
  4. What documents are required to register an LLC in Abu Dhabi?
    Trade license application form, passport/visa copies of shareholders & manager, NOC letter if operating from a commercial premises, memorandum & articles of association are some key documents required.
  5. How many days does it take to setup an LLC in Abu Dhabi?
    It takes around 15-20 days to set up an LLC in Abu Dhabi if all approval formalities and documents submitted are satisfactory. This includes securing the initial approval, final license, establishing the facility etc.
  6. Can LLCs open and operate multiple branches in UAE?
    Yes, LLC companies can open more than one branch within UAE after securing the initial parent trade license first. Separate registration is required for each additional branch.
  7. Is auditing mandatory for LLCs in Abu Dhabi?
    Yes, auditing financial statements annually is compulsory for LLC companies as per Abu Dhabi accounting regulations.
  8. Can expats/foreigners fully own an LLC in Abu Dhabi?
    No, majority ownership i.e. 51% stake must be held mandatorily by a UAE national for foreign investors to own the remaining 49% shares in an Abu Dhabi LLC.
  9. What is the lifespan of a trade license issued to an LLC in Abu Dhabi?
    The trade/operating license granted to an LLC company in Abu Dhabi is valid for 3 years. Renewal can be done for similar periods subsequently with no lifespan limit.
  10. Can LLCs operate and conduct business outside UAE?
    Yes, after securing the domestic trade license first an Abu Dhabi LLC is permitted by law to conduct business activities globally. Separate clearances may be required in certain regions.
  11. What happens to an LLC if a partner/shareholder dies?
    Normally, the heir inherits the ownership share held by the deceased partner. The change in stakeholding is updated with the Department of Economic Development after submitting succession documents.
  12. Do LLC companies require office space to register an office address?
    Yes, registering an office space on lease/rental basis is mandatory to incorporate an LLC in Abu Dhabi – commercial spaces, coworking areas or industrial units depending upon activity.
  13. What are the visa requirements for employees of an LLC company?
    LLCs can sponsor employees of various nationalities for work residency in Abu Dhabi once registered. The visa costs and rules differ based on skill-sets – managerial, skilled, entry permits etc.
  14. Can an existing sole proprietorship business be converted into an LLC?
    Yes, it is possible to convert a sole proprietorship into an Abu Dhabi LLC. The assets/licenses can be transferred after fulfilling the minimum capital and other eligibility criteria for establishing an LLC.
  15. Is an operating loss posted by an LLC allowed to be carried forward to the next financial year?
    Yes, any loss incurred from business operations as per audited financial statements can be carried forward by Abu Dhabi LLCs up to the next 3 consecutive financial years until fully adjusted.
  16. Are LLCs permitted to freely repatriate profits from Abu Dhabi to foreign counties?
    Yes, there is no restriction under UAE regulations regarding an LLC repatriating business profits or capital to international destinations after fulfilling local clearance rules and payment of taxes if applicable.
  17. Can an existing UAE mainland/free zone company expand into Abu Dhabi by setting up a branch?
    Yes, companies registered elsewhere in UAE are permitted to set up an additional branch in Abu Dhabi emirate after clearance from the local Department of Economic Development. Separate registration fees apply.
  18. Are stock transfers permitted in case of death, divorce or related aspects concerning an LLC owner?
    Yes, LLC companies in Abu Dhabi do permit and regulate transfer of ownership stakes between partners or legal heirs in case of unforeseen, personal scenarios via appropriate legal procedures.
  19. Can co-founders/partners enter into supplementary agreements related to business terms among themselves in an Abu Dhabi LLC?
    Yes, the partners in an Abu Dhabi LLC can craft and ratify supplementary contracts between them related to profit sharing, company management etc. beyond the standard Memorandum of Association. These remain legally valid.
  20. Apart from the minimum capital, are there any yearly fees to be paid?
    Yes, apart from license renewal charges all operational Abu Dhabi LLCs need to pay charges for items like municipal taxes, trade name renewal, visa costs per employee etc. on an annual basis. Penalties apply for delayed payments.

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