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Mainland Company Formation In Dubai

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Dubai Mainland Company Formation, UAE

If you are an investor or businessman. Then, one of the most lucrative and booming sectors or places to invest in would be Dubai’s Mainland Company Formation. 

Talking about Dubai Mainland Companies, they are basically small to large companies and business entities that work and fall within the jurisdiction of the Emirates comprising Dubai’s commercialized geo regions. 

Having said that, all small and major businesses that fall under commercial or professional, as well as sole business models are in most cases registered under the Dubai Economic Department, and the licenses held by such businesses are usually known as Dubai Mainland License.

Business owners can avail and reap maximum benefits out of their business if they can take possession of such Dubai Mainland License for their respective businesses. With such a license business owners can look further to grow their business as well as operate their business with more flexibility then a business without the Dubai Mainland License.  

Hence in all this, the Mainland company formation in Dubai, UAE lets you expand your business in Dubai, further to other parts of Dubai as well as UAE.

Some of the Major Requirement for running business activities in Dubai and UAE depends on availing a license in any of the following categories:

  • Commercial 
  • Industrial
  • Professional 
  • Tourism

Availing a license in any of the listed categories above play a very vital role in doing business in Dubai and UAE. These licenses greatly help in paving the way for business to expand as well as grow without much limitations, which would have been there without such a license.  

And this is where BizzSetup LLC comes in to provide you with all the necessary services required to successfully setup and launch a thriving business in Dubai and UAE. 

From forming a successful business to providing you with the necessary consultation in running a business properly within the boundaries of the UAE, we are here to provide it all. 

With us you as a business owner can look forward to saving a lot of your valuable time as well as resources, which otherwise you might have wasted while trying to set up a business and avail a Dubai trade license for that particular business.

Our work procedure helps you get the most out of your business and lets you easily procure your mainland license in Dubai, UAE being well under the criterias as provided by the DED (Dubai Economic Department) .

Types of Mainland License Issued in Dubai

In Dubai, business owners can usually issue a Mainland License under any of the four main categories. These licenses are issued against their respective business types and are as follows:

  • Professional License The licenses under this category are usually issued for and against businesses or companies which are service based and provide some kind of service or the other to its users and customers. Hence, businesses which are service oriented and provide some kind of service or the other such as consulting, maintenance, cleaning, etc. can apply for a professional license. The cost of such Professional Licenses are usually less and more affordable as compared to those in the other categories mentioned further below. 
  • Commercial LicenseIf your business is one which deals with the buying and selling of goods as well as any other services related to it. Then, in such cases or for such businesses a Commercial License is usually issued. For those businesses dealing with or running multiple trading businesses, a general trading license in Dubai Mainland may be issued. Moreover, issues of such licenses by business owners are more common than the others since issuance, amendment as well cancellation of such licenses can be done much more easily than the rest. 
  • Industrial LicenseThese kinds of licenses are mainly issued or granted to big companies producing or manufacturing goods in large numbers and work on a bigger scale. Such licenses are a little difficult to issue or obtain, as they require additional permission and approval from Dubai’s External Ministries and other government departments as well, depending on the kind of the industrial activity which will take place. 
  • Tourism License – Any business dealing with or related to tourism activities in Dubai Mainland, can apply for a Tourism License. With the help of a tourism license, you should be able to run and conduct both inbound as well as outbound tour related activities. 

Documents required for Mainland Company formation in Dubai

Below, there is a list of all the documents which are required in order to successfully set-up a Dubai Mainland business:

  • Choose your Trade or Business name (Usually three name choices are required to be submitted)
  • The type of Business Activity your business holds
  • Passport copies of all the shareholders involved in the business.
  • Entry Visa Stamp
  • Passport size photograph

Essential Steps for Mainland Company Formation in Dubai, UAE

  • Submit Memorandum of Association (MOA): One of the pre-requisites and the first step in the formation of Mainland Company in Dubai would be to submit an MOA, outlining the operating guidelines and working principle of your business. They may include topics such as the goal of your business, how much capital is involved as well as the other such information which may be important to share with the other parties involved. 
  • Apply for Initial Name Approval: Once the MOA has been successfully produced and submitted, the Department of Economic Development (DED) will notarize it and issue an approval thereafter.
  • Apply for Name registration for trade name: After the approval has been issued by the DED, next you will need to choose a name for your company and send it to the DED for review. Depending on whether the name of your business has already been registered by a separate business earlier or not, the DED may change or eliminate the trade name provided by you. 
  • Rent or Lease an Office space: Your business must consist of a registered office address where some kind of ownership or a lease agreement can be issued or provided.
  • Submit Application for the License: Once all the above steps or criterias have been fulfilled. Next, a business can apply for a valid trade permit to be granted by the DED.
  • Pay fee for the license: Along with the submission of all the relevant documents related to the formation of the business, payment of fees for the issue of the trade license is to be made at the department of commercial registration, DED.
  • Receive your License: Registration of a business or company usually takes a week, after which you can avail the trade license for your particular business directly from the DED. 

Most Suitable Locations for Business Setup in Dubai Mainland. 

  • Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Al Qusais
  • Business Bay
  • Al Quoz
  • Jumeriah
  • Deira