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Business Setup in Dubai, UAE

We are powered by a team of Business setup Consultants dedicated to delivering nothing but the best. We offer fast, friendly, and efficient services for setting up your business in Dubai.

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Our advisor group is fully committed to helping clients achieve their financial goals. With a client-centric approach and a deep understanding of the financial industry, we provide tailored solutions to meet their needs. We are dedicated to building lasting relationships based on trust, transparency, and mutual success.

Company Formation in Dubai Mainland can be a lucrative investment opportunity for individuals and businesses looking to establish a presence in the Middle East. Dubai is a global business hub with a strategic location, world-class infrastructure, and a diverse economy, making it an attractive destination for investors. Establishing a company in Dubai mainland can provide access to a large consumer base, regional markets, and tax benefits. It can also provide opportunities to collaborate with other businesses.


Company Formation in  Dubai Freezone can be a lucrative investment opportunity due to several factors. Firstly, the freezone offers a tax-free environment and 100% foreign ownership, making it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and investors. Additionally, Dubai’s strategic location as a hub for trade and commerce provides access to markets in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The freezone also provides world-class infrastructure, including advanced telecommunications and transportation networks. Finally, the streamlined registration process and supportive regulatory environment make setting up a business in Dubai freezone relatively easy and hassle-free. Overall, investing in a company formation in Dubai freezone can provide a highly profitable and scalable business opportunity.


Company Formation in Dubai Offshore can also be a promising investment opportunity due to several advantages. Firstly, the offshore company formation provides complete ownership and control of the company, with no requirement for a local partner. This allows for greater flexibility in decision-making and operations. Additionally, offshore companies enjoy a tax-free environment and the benefit of confidentiality, which can be advantageous for businesses in certain industries. The streamlined registration process and supportive regulatory environment in Dubai also make it a highly attractive destination for offshore company formation. Overall, investing in a company formation in Dubai offshore can offer a lucrative and secure business opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors.


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Business Setup Consultants In Dubai , UAE

Developing a new firm requires extensive planning, information collecting, and research into the target market. You may need the assistance of our group of business establishment consultants in Dubai to guide you through the procedure. They are in possession of the most up-to-date information as well as the requisite level of competence to provide you with exceptional guidance. When starting a business, working with an expert can also help you prevent potential legal problems and mistakes that may crop up during the process.

During the process of registering your company in the United Arab Emirates, our Dubai business expert will assist you in obtaining favourable licencing and legal arrangements. When it comes to beginning a business, it is critical to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations. Because of this, we will also assist you in acquiring all of the required licences from the government and in getting your firm certified by any relevant agencies.

If you are in need of assistance in taking the first steps toward running your own business, the accountants at our organisation will direct you in picking a business model that is both viable and practical for you to implement. We offer continuing support in addition to starter packages for businesses that have recently opened their doors. Working capital, profits and losses, tax implications, legislative changes, business funding, financial systems, and other crucial aspects of businesses are some of the topics that will be covered.

Feel free to get in touch with us at any time of the day or night if you have any questions regarding the procedure that our company uses to register new businesses. We will be pleased to assist you. In Dubai, as well as the rest of the world, our customer service is available around the clock.


Business Setup Services

Businesses from all over the world are looking into the processes that need to be carried out in order to register their companies in Dubai.


Company Registration in Dubai

One of the most popular strategies for growing a business in the Middle East is to establish a presence in Dubai by registering a company there. The tremendous growth seen in the east is pointing towards the potential of Dubai as a venue for conducting business. Businesses from all over the world are looking into the processes that need to be carried out in order to register their companies in Dubai.


Family Visa Services in Dubai, UAE

After your company has been established and is functioning in the UAE, you, as the owner of the firm, are eligible to submit an application for a residence visa in the UAE. You are also able to use UAE visas for your own dependents, such as relatives or even persons who you employ for loved ones (for example, your maid service, motorist (or grandma).


PRO Services in Dubai, UAE

The laws and regulations governing business in the UAE are quite rigorous, and violations of certain legal rules can result in serious financial penalties. Therefore, it is highly recommended to seek the assistance of professionals who are adept at dealing with issues of this nature. Consider employing a specialist to act on your behalf if you have the means to do so and are able to do so.


Trade License Dubai

Are you curious about the procedures involved in obtaining a General Trading License in Dubai? In such a case, continue reading. This post has been designed specifically for you so that you may have an understanding of the advantages of obtaining a trade licence in Dubai. There is also the possibility that you will obtain information regarding the various rules and regulations that pertain to trading. This post will serve as a simple and straightforward step-by-step approach for you to follow in order to obtain a trading licence in Dubai.


Process of Business in Dubai and the UAE

You might also wish to be aware of the different areas and types of ownership for companies that you could choose when you are in the UAE. Our experts will help you understand the distinctions between having the DED Mainland License, Freezone License, Offshore License, Limited Contract (LLC Company), Unlimited Contract, Trading Company, and many more, based on your company’s needs and budget.


Standard Rates - Calculate Your Business Setup Cost


Types Of Mainland License In Dubai


In the case of a professional licence, an expat partner must possess one hundred percent of the company's shares, and a citizen of the UAE must be nominated to the role of Local Service Agent. Acquiring the licence allows for the provision of non-physical services such as consultancy.


This licence is available for acquisition by businesses engaged in any kind of commercial trade activity. In order to conduct commercial activities in Dubai in a secure manner, both ordinary and specialised traders are required to obtain the appropriate licence.

Dubai Industrial City


Companies in Dubai that convert raw materials or natural resources into other finished goods or engage in any other sort of manufacturing activity are the only ones eligible to receive an industrial licence in the emirate.


Dubai offers three primary classifications of licences for businesses involved in the tourist industry. These are the travel agency licence as an operator of inbound tourism, the travel agency licence as an operator of outward tourism, and the travel agency licence as a travel agent.


Frequently Asked Questions

We offer Business setup services in Dubai, UAE. We have a team of experts who help in setting up your business in Dubai.

The business setup in Dubai is one of the dream objectives of those business owners who are well-informed and well-versed with the current circumstances in Dubai. The cosmopolitan metropolis is becoming one of the most important business hubs as a result of its ability to entice businesspeople from all over the world, including marketers, buyers, and sellers. Following are the major advantages of business setup in Dubai:

  • The strategic location of Dubai enhances its significance in trading
  • The policies of Dubai will help you achieve the proprietorship of your business
  • There are three business structures available: Mainland, Offshore and Freezone. Based on your setup type, you can choose the structure
  • Despite its ever-elevating demand, the taxation rates are low
  • Dubai is booming in infrastructure as well, therefore, it becomes easier for you to find an appropriate workspace

The cost of starting a company in Dubai can be categories in two broad segments, viz; legal cost and rent. However, it is also important to note in the initial stage the type of business you want to do. Different business type will have different business structure and so will be the cost incurred in operating them. For instance, the cost of manufacturing unit will always be higher than the services.

The legal cost includes the professional fees and the charges of the government. It ranges between $2000-10,000 USD (7,346-36,730 UAE Dirham).

Prices for Dubai’s commercial office space range from $30 to $200 per square foot. Retail space in Dubai can cost anywhere from $90 to $500 per square foot. In other locations of the UAE, commercial leases might be found at lower rates. When all of the aforementioned steps have been taken, you will be ready to launch your business in Dubai. While there is an opportunity for profit in Dubai, the biggest obstacle is maintaining a healthy cash flow.

You are going to be taken aback when you learn that only 15 per cent of residents in Dubai are locals, while the remaining 85 per cent are ex-pats. The cosmopolitan emirate is welcoming to visitors from other countries, and there is no sense of isolation, as one could have when travelling to a country in which they do not have a native population.

The business environment of Dubai is quite friendly, given that the fundamental rules are considered. For example, the name of the business should not violate the laws of the country by any means. There should not be any religious inclination taglines or business names. Also, most important, the legal forms of the company must be followed, for example –LLC, FZE, etc.

Nevertheless, the first priority should be to find a suitable business agent and consultant to help you navigate through the process.

To get a better grasp on this subject, you need first familiarise yourself with the many types of business structures that exist in Dubai. Mainland, Freezone, and Offshore are the three primary business formats that are applied in Dubai. The proper organisational structure for a company will be established according to the kind of commercial activity being carried out.

Because of this, in the beginning, phases of the business, we are expected to know if the operations are taking place on the mainland of Dubai or in a free zone. It is required to have a native Dubai sponsor if the establishment of the firm takes place on the mainland of Dubai, and it is essential to keep in mind that the local sponsor will be in charge of managing 51% of the company at all times. If, on the other hand, the company operates within the parameters of the Freezone business structure, there is no requirement for local sponsorship.

There are three mediums by which a foreigner can raise sponsorship for doing business in Dubai’s mainland:

  • Individual sponsorship
  • Corporate sponsorship
  • Local Service Agent

Have you thought of opening a company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates? Before you begin the process of forming a business in the UAE, you need to make certain that you have selected the “free zone” that will provide you with the most favourable conditions for establishing your company. When picking from among the thirty free zones that are available in Dubai, this company planning in the UAE may become rather challenging and even complex.

  • The fee for registering a company is:

The fee for registering a company in Dubai is a one-time payment that must be made to the Dubai free zone authorities during the initial stages of the process of registering a firm. Nevertheless, the specific fee for company registration will be determined based on the local legal structures. The fees associated with “registering a company in the Dubai free zone” do not typically display an unusually wide range of variation; rather, they are typically somewhere in the vicinity of AED 9,000 and AED 10,000.

  • Cost of the License:

The acquisition of the necessary business licence constitutes an essential stage in the process of establishing a company in one of Dubai’s free zones. A trading licence, a services licence, and an industrial sector licence are the three business licences that are considered to be the most essential. Although the expense for registering a company in Dubai is a one-time payment, the annual fee for a trading licence can be anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 UAE Dirhams.

  • Fee for the Office:

Renting an office space in Dubai is a necessary step in the process of acquiring a business licence in that city. Every free zone in Dubai provides a variety of workspace options to meet the needs of a variety of businesses, including service, smart, and flexible desks. In Dubai, the cost of renting an office will normally range between AED 15,000 and AED 20,000 per month. At Make My Company, we provide a variety of all-in-one office solutions that are suitable for any new business established in Dubai, regardless of its size. These solutions are ideal for both small and large companies. My company offers a wide choice of serviced desks, individual coworking offices and spaces, as well as premium business centres in

Dubai. Each one comes complete with a diverse assortment of essential amenities, making it possible to launch and grow your ideal company in Dubai.

  • Capitalization of Shares:

The “share capital amount” that is required as a bare minimum can vary, particularly from one Dubai free zone to the next. This “share capital amount” can be anywhere from AED 1,000 to AED 1,000,000, depending on the nature of the business activities and the types of licences that are being applied for. AED 50,000 is the “average share capital requirement” for businesses looking to set up shop in one of Dubai’s free zones.

The UAE municipal corporation or the state government are the two entities that are responsible for issuing trade licences, and almost any company operating in the UAE will be required to have one. Business Trade License in Dubai is the legal approval document from the UAE authority that permits you and required certifications that you will have to carry for any desired trade or business activities in the UAE. If you wish to engage in any commercial or business activities in the UAE, you will be required to have this licence. It is crucial that you realise that obtaining this permit does not give you ownership of the land or any authorization or grant for other business activity other than the one for which it is issued.

Make My Company works closely with the UAE “municipal corporation authorised licence department” as well as a variety of other industry-specific advisory departments in Dubai to help clients obtain licences for their businesses during the business setup process. For instance, the health care industry, the construction and engineering industry, the real estate industry, and a great many others.

In this regard, it is vital for the company formation in Dubai to get the requisite main licences from the local agencies responsible for the issuance of licences before beginning the manufacture, storing, or exchanging of any other activity. Before beginning operations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the business application needs to be diligently submitted to the “Commissioner in the Corporation” and verified within the allotted time frame of “30 days.” At the time that the application for the company setup licence is being submitted, the startup is expected to hand in all of the necessary legal documents.

The United Arab Emirates Free Zones are the best and most popular choice for almost all investors when conducting business in the Mainland of Dubai. This is due to the many advantages offered by these zones, which include a “tax-free zone,” a grant of 100 per cent foreign ownership, and the simplicity of establishing a company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Even if your intended business is successful in Dubai, there will come a time when you have to test new things and broaden your operations into other areas of the United Arab Emirates that are not considered “free zones.”

The company that was established in the “Freezone” has the ability to conduct business on the Mainland as well; nevertheless, it is limited to the numerous restrictions imposed by the local legislation and the authorities of the UAE.

Indeed, any business that focuses on providing services is qualified to create a branch of a “UAE Free Zone company” or can become a “100 percent subsidiary” of any “Free Zone company formed on the mainland.” Both of these options are open to entrepreneurs. During the process of founding the corporate branch, a citizen of the UAE who will serve as the UAE-based “Local Service Agent” might be appointed or elected.

By adhering to the different customs processes that are specific to the UAE, “Free Zone trading companies” operating in the UAE are able to export their products and goods to enterprises located on the “Mainland.”

Even though the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Free Zones are physically located within the UAE, they are legitimately deemed to fall under a different legal jurisdiction for any and all trade activity.


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