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What is Business Bay known for?

Business Bay is a central business district in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, known for its mix of commercial, residential, and hospitality developments centered around a large man-made Burj Khalifa Lake. Some key things Business Bay is known for include:

What is Business Bay known for?

Modern Architecture and Design

Business Bay features striking modern architecture with unique designs like the Cayan Tower, which twists 90 degrees over the course of its height. Other notable buildings include Vision Tower, ONE Business Bay, and The Prism. The area’s open spaces, water features, and greenery complement the contemporary buildings.

Business Hub and Community

As a business district, Business Bay houses regional headquarters of major corporations plus thousands of companies and startups. It contains commercial and office towers interspersed with residential buildings, retail outlets, restaurants, and hotels. An eclectic community of expats and young professionals live, work, and socialize there.

Strategic and Central Location

Situated between “New Dubai” and “Old Dubai,” Business Bay provides easy access to both areas. Key attractions like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and Downtown Dubai are just minutes away. Business Bay offers connectivity to other parts of Dubai via metro, tram, highways, and walkable routes.

Burj Khalifa Lake and Waterfront

At the heart of Business Bay lies the Burj Khalifa Lake – a large man-made lake with mesmerizing dancing fountains. People gather on the waterfront promenade to admire views of the Dubai skyline reflected in the lake and enjoy recreational activities like boating or dining at the many restaurants and cafés dotting the shoreline.

Upscale Housing Options

The area features premium residential towers and apartments designed by top architects and fitted with luxury amenities catering to affluent residents and expat executives. Properties boast panoramic waterfront views and access to first-class hotels and facilities.

Retail and Lifestyle Offerings

Business Bay has an extensive retail zone with indoor and outdoor shopping options. Dubai Mall and other shopping centers are minutes away. An influx of cafés, restaurants, fitness studios, and entertainment venues create a lively neighborhood with trendy spots for residents and visitors.

Convenience and Connectivity

As a bustling district strategically located between old and new Dubai, Business Bay offers convenience, connectivity, and easy access to other major centers of work and leisure in Dubai. It continues to evolve as a self-sustained community meeting the needs of businesses and residents.

In summary, Business Bay is known for its striking modern designs, strategic location, bustling business district and upscale community, extensive retail options, the iconic Burj Khalifa Lake waterfront, as well as convenience and connectivity factors that make it an attractive place to live, work, and visit.

Key Takeaways:

  • Business Bay features unique modern architectural designs including the Cayan Tower and Vision Tower.
  • It serves as a business hub housing major corporations and startups with an eclectic community of residents and workers.
  • The area provides a strategic central location between old and new Dubai with convenient access.
  • Its iconic Burj Khalifa Lake offers recreational activities set against the Dubai skyline.
  • Options include premium residential towers, luxury amenities, extensive retail, entertainment venues, and more.
  • Business Bay meets the live-work-play needs of businesses and residents with its self-sustained offerings.


In just over a decade, Business Bay has established itself as a prestigious central business district in Dubai with its striking modern designs and strategic waterfront location between old and new Dubai. It serves as a vital business hub offering connectivity, convenience, and an eclectic community of residents and workers. The area aims to cater to all live-work-play needs through its premium developments, retail offerings, iconic waterfront, and evolving list of lifestyle venues and amenities conveniently situated a short distance from Dubai’s major attractions. Business Bay represents the pulse of new Dubai and demonstrates visionary urban planning focused on sustainability for the future.


Q1: Where is Business Bay located?
A1: Business Bay is located in central Dubai, in between the old and new parts of the city along Sheikh Zayed Road close to Downtown Dubai and Dubai Mall area on one side and Deira on the other side.

Q2: What buildings and structures is Business Bay known for?
A2: Business Bay is known for its modern futuristic-looking buildings and structures like the Cayan Tower, Burj Al Alam, Vision Tower, ONE Tower, and Dubai’s tallest hotel the JW Marriott Marquis along the waterfront Burj Khalifa lake.

Q3: What companies and industries have offices in Business Bay?
A3: Business Bay houses regional headquarters and offices for major companies like Cisco, Unilever, Ferrari, Infiniti, Honeywell, Rothschild, Accenture and more across diverse industries – technology, automotive, finance, FMCG/retail, consulting, real estate, travel/hospitality.

Q4: Who are the main residents of Business Bay?
A4: The main residents of Business Bay include affluent local Emirati business owners, expat executives working in large multinational companies, entrepreneurs, business professionals, investors, and others drawn to its upscale residential towers and lavish amenities.

Q5: What are some leisure attractions and activities in Business Bay?
A5: Top leisure attractions and activities in Business Bay revolve around Burj Khalifa Lake – strolling the promenade, visiting the waterfront cafes/restaurants, attending concerts and events at Dubai Waterfront, boating on the lake, watching the musical dancing fountains with Dubai’s skyline reflections.

Q6: What shopping options are available in Business Bay?
A6: Extensive shopping options from mega malls like Dubai Mall nearby to Galeries Lafayette in The Bridgeway, Bay Avenue walk lined with 160+ stores, small boutiques throughout, Souk Al Bahar, Dubai Design District, and upcoming Dubai Square mall nearby.

Q7: What dining options does Business Bay offer?
A7: Business Bay offers a vast range of dining options – from fast food chains and casual cafes to fine-dining global cuisines across Italian, Chinese, Indian, Arabic, American, Japanese and more at 5-star hotels and standalone high-end restaurants.

Q8: What makes Business Bay a convenient place to live and work in?
A8: Easy connectivity via metro, tram, bus and cabs, proximity to both old and new Dubai, quick access to the major business hubs, attractions, retail/dining options in surrounding Downtown Dubai, DIFC, Dubai Mall, Dubai Canal, Dubai Creek areas make it convenient.

Q9: Why are residential properties expensive in Business Bay?
A9: Residential properties are premium-priced in Business Bay owing to panoramic waterfront views in luxury high-rise towers designed by top architects plus first-class amenities like gyms, spas, pools, parking, security, and access to 5-star hotels.

Q10: Is Business Bay a safe area? What security measures are in place?
A10: Yes, Business Bay is very safe with multi-layered district-wide security systems covering buildings, streets, metro/tram stations. Additional security measures inside residential towers include keycard access, lobby attendants, 24/7 security guards, surveillance cameras.

Q11: Is Business Bay pedestrian friendly?
A11: Yes, Business Bay has wide pedestrian walkways, seating areas, shaded spaces for walking between buildings to access offices, shops, cafes and the lake promenade. The area is designed with pedestrians in mind.

Q12: How environmentally sustainable is Business Bay?
A12: Strict green building regulations covering energy, water efficiency, waste management make Business Bay an eco-friendly, sustainable community. Further green initiatives – solar panels, district cooling plants, water recycling – are continually implemented.

Q13: What is the future outlook for Business Bay?
A13: Business Bay is slated for robust future growth with new sustainable smart buildings, hotels and infra upgrades in progress to cement its reputation as Dubai’s commercial and lifestyle hub and a top global business district driven by technology and innovation.

Q14: Does Business Bay have schools, hospitals, places of worship?
A14: Yes, privately run schools, outpatient medical clinics and hospitals like Emirates Hospitals Clinic and Aster Hospital branch plus places of worship covering mosques and churches can all be found within and around Business Bay district.

Q15: What are the upcoming projects in Business Bay?
A15: Upcoming projects include Dubai Creek Harbour and Dubai Square mega developments adding retail/dining outlets, Dubai Chamber headquarters, museum, luxury residences. Within Business Bay, new hotels, metro route 2020 extension, water transport expansion at Dubai Canal, electric vehicle infrastructure are underway.


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