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How many towers are in Business Bay?

Business Bay is a bustling modern neighborhood in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, known for its striking high-rise towers and mix of commercial and residential developments. But just how many towers stand within this vibrant area?

How many towers are in Business Bay?

A Look at Business Bay’s Development

Business Bay has seen extremely rapid growth since 2002, when construction started on infrastructure to support commercial and residential projects. The area was built along an extensive new waterway, which allowed developers to break ground on towering hotels, office buildings, and apartment complexes.

In just over a decade, Business Bay went from empty desert to a gleaming, hyper-modern district packed with some of Dubai’s most statement-making architecture.

Today it continues to expand at a brisk pace. The latest figures show there are now over 230 high-rise towers in Business Bay.

Categorizing Business Bay Towers

With hundreds of structures piercing the skyline, categorizing all the towers can seem overwhelming. Here’s a breakdown of the types you’ll find across Business Bay:

Commercial Office Towers

Dubai is a major global business hub, and many firms locate their regional headquarters in Business Bay. Commercial office towers host everything from banking and finance to tech and media companies.

Some of the most notable office buildings include:

  • Vision Tower
  • Paramount Tower
  • Duja Tower
  • GBS Tower

These striking towers are easily recognizable on the Business Bay skyline.

Luxury Residential Towers

With shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, and easy metro access just outside their front doors, Business Bay also appeals to well-heeled residents. Luxury apartment towers feature lavish amenities like gyms, pools, and 24/7 concierge service.

Top residential picks include:

  • Il Primo
  • Executive Towers
  • Bay Central
  • Burjside Boulevard

Hotel & Hospitality Towers

Business Bay balances offices and homes with plenty of hospitality too. More than two dozen high-rise hotels dot the area. These towers cater to business travelers and tourists alike with comfortable rooms and easy access to commerce and transportation.

Standout hospitality towers consist of:

  • The Edition
  • Jumeirah Business Bay
  • Swissotel Al Murooj
  • Grand Millenium Hotel

Mixed-Use Towers

Some of the most impressive buildings combine multiple functions under one roof. These mixed-use towers seamlessly blend offices, apartments, hotels and entertainment all together.

Examples of stellar mixed-use towers comprise:

  • Burj Daman
  • Churchill Residency
  • Bay Square

Integrating everything in one space allows people to easily live and work in Business Bay without ever leaving their building.

Business Bay’s Tallest Towers

With hundreds of towers across Business Bay, which buildings claim the title of tallest?

The current champions include:

  1. Marina Plaza: At 985 feet with 66 floors, Marina Plaza redeems the #1 spot as the tallest completed tower currently standing in Business Bay. This primarily residential building includes over 500 luxury apartments along with amenities like world-class dining options. Its height and distinctive spherical top make it a standout presence on the skyline.
  2. Pentominium: Although still under construction, Pentominium holds second place for now at 917 feet and 122 floors. When completed, it will claim the crown as the tallest all-residential tower not just in Business Bay but the entire city of Dubai. With 516 ultra-luxury homes, Pentominium promises unmatched views and lavish details like private cinema suites for residents.
  3. Burj Daman: Currently the third tallest tower is the mixed-use Burj Daman at 913 feet over 55 floors. This popular tower houses the Wyndham Dubai Marina hotel alongside 669 residential apartments as well as office space and retail stores at its base.
  4. Marina Pinnacle: Marina Pinnacle ranks fourth with 78 floors and a rooftop height of 892 feet. Another upscale residential property, it contains 715 apartments plus multiple dining and recreational amenities for residents and guests.
  5. 23 Marina: Rounding out the top five is 23 Marina tower at 888 feet tall. A luxury condominium project, it comprises over 500 glamorous units divided across 65 floors tailored towards the most discerning residents.

While other skyscrapers continue to join the Dynamic Business Bay landscape, Marina Plaza, Pentominium, Burj Daman, Marina Pinnacle and 23 Marina hold their positions as the elite titans that define Dubai’s iconic silhouette.

Skyline of the Future

Business Bay shows no signs of slowing its vertical expansion. Alongside the 200+ existing towers are dozens more high-rises in various stages of development or planning.

Upcoming additions destined to transform the skyline include:

  • Ubora Tower
  • Business Bay Tower
  • Al Bateen Tower
  • Dubai Twin Towers

These soaring giants promise to bring even more record-breaking architecture to the neighborhood along with state-of-the-art offices, penthouses, and hotels.

Over the next five to ten years, expect to witness Business Bay’s transformation from a forest of skyscrapers to a thicket of mega-towers as it continues staking its reputation as a globally renowned center of trade, lifestyle, and technological innovation in the Middle East. The ever-upward momentum shows the immense attraction of Business Bay as a sought-after destination to invest, conduct business, reside and visit for generations to come.

Key Takeaways: How Many Towers in Business Bay

  • Business Bay currently contains over 230 high-rise towers and counting.
  • Towers fall into categories like commercial offices, luxury residences, hotels, and mixed-use.
  • The top 5 tallest completed towers are Marina Plaza, Pentominium, Burj Daman, Marina Pinnacle and 23 Marina ranging from 888 to 985 feet tall.
  • Ongoing expansions will add even more record-breaking skyscrapers to the Business Bay skyline in years ahead.


With its reputation cemented as a commercial and residential powerhouse of Dubai, Business Bay stands poised for tremendous future growth. Fueled by steady demand and investments, developers continue building striking towers to accommodate more offices, luxury homes, hotels and entertainment venues.

Current figures confirm over 230 iconic high-rises punctuating the Business Bay skyline to date. And ahead lies a horizon of fresh landmarks like Burj Daman, Marina Plaza and visionary newcomers spanning 100+ stories that promise to redefine the Dubai aesthetic with architectural bravado.

For anyone seeking to spot premium properties or simply soak in a dynamic neighborhood where enterprise thrives alongside style, Business Bay delivers all that and more with its ever-evolving jungle of elite towers.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How tall is the Marina Plaza tower in Business Bay?
A: Marina Plaza stands at 985 feet and 66 floors, making it currently the tallest completed tower in Business Bay.

Q: What is the total number of towers currently in Business Bay?
A: There are over 230 towers completed or currently under development in Business Bay and counting.

Q: What types of towers exist in Business Bay besides offices?
A: Other major tower categories include luxury residential buildings, hotels, and mixed-use towers blending multiple functions.

Q: Is Business Bay still building new towers?
A: Yes, many additional towers are either under construction now or in planning stages, ensuring ongoing expansion.

Q: Which tower will be the tallest tower in all of Dubai when complete?
A: Pentominium at 917 feet tall and with 122 floors will claim the title of Dubai’s tallest all-residential tower upon completion.

Q: What retail stores can you find at the base of Burj Daman tower?
A: Burj Daman features popular retail stores alongside residences, a hotel and offices within the mixed-use property.

Q: How many ultra-luxury residences will the Pentominium tower feature?
A: Pentominium will house 516 lavish multi-level homes, each with high-end details like private cinema suites.

Q: What makes 23 Marina tower stand out?
A: With 65 floors and over 500 luxury residences 23 Marina makes its mark on the Business Bay skyline at 888 feet tall.

Q: Does Business Bay offer dining options within its towers?
A: Yes, many towers house world-class restaurants, with Marina Plaza touting exceptional dining for residents and guests.

Q: Are the residential towers in Business Bay only apartments?
A: Several residential towers consist of lavish multi-bedroom homes instead of apartments.

Q: Which tower in Business Bay has the most office space?
A: With over 1.1 million square feet of leasable office area, Vision Tower has the most commercial office space of any single tower in Business Bay.

Q: What retail stores are at the Dubai Twin Towers project?
A: The massive Dubai Twin Towers development will feature an entire shopping mall with luxury brands, food outlets, entertainment and other retail stores.

Q: How tall will the upcoming Ubora Tower be?
A: Currently still awaiting final approvals, the visionary Ubora Tower is projected to stand over 971 feet tall upon completion.

Q: Does Business Bay offer metro access and footbridges?
A: Yes, the Business Bay metro station links directly with the major towers via a series of convenient walkways and bridges.

Q: Which towers have rooftop swimming pools?
A: Several top towers like Il Primo, 23 Marina and Burj Daman provide residents with rooftop pools and lounge areas offering fabulous views.

Q: What world-famous hotel chain operates Swissotel Al Murooj?
A: Global luxury hotel leader Accor owns the popular 5-star Swissotel brand operating Swissotel Al Murooj in Business Bay.

Q: Who develops most of the new towers announced in Business Bay?
A: Real estate giant Emaar leads a majority of the ambitious new mega-tower developments in Business Bay.

Q: How many towers does Emaar currently have planned for future construction?
A: As the master planner of many Business Bay expansions, Emaar has over two dozen cutting-edge towers proposed for future delivery.

Q: What company designed the architectural concept for Vision Tower?
A: The Chicago-based firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture designed the visually stunning Vision Tower concept featuring curved glass walls.

Q: Where do you find The Edition Hotel tower located?
A: The striking honeycomb-paneled Edition Hotel tower stands along the central end of the Business Bay waterway in Dubai.


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