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Who owns Business Bay Dubai?

Dubai is known for its glittering skyscrapers, luxury hotels, and man-made islands. One of its popular commercial districts is Business Bay. This area has seen rapid development in recent years into a hub for businesses and tourism. But who actually owns the land where all these ultra-modern buildings stand?

Who owns Business Bay Dubai?

Business Bay occupies 64 million square feet of space originally reclaimed from the Persian Gulf by the Government of Dubai in 2002. The initial development was handled by the real estate arm of Dubai Holding. As one of Dubai’s strategic expansion projects, different parcels of land in Business Bay were later assigned to various semi-government developers and entities to further advance growth.

Key Owners and Developers in Business Bay

Here are some of the main entities that own or develop property within Business Bay:

Dubai Properties

Dubai Properties, owned by Dubai Holding, is one of the early key developers of Business Bay. It handles many commercial, residential and retail projects concentrated on the southern end such as:

  • Business Tower
  • Vision Tower
  • La Rosa
  • Ubora Tower
  • Arjaan Hotel
  • The Business Bay Mall

TECOM Investments

TECOM Investments focuses on business community developments and constructs office spaces, creative clusters, and light industrial units in Business Bay:

  • Dubai Design District (d3)
  • Dubai Outlet Mall
  • Armada Towers
  • Studio One Hotel


The master developer Emaar’s premium projects add to the Business Bay skyline including:

  • South Ridge Towers
  • IL Primo
  • One Business Bay
  • The One Residence

Government of Dubai

Some parts adjacent to the Dubai Canal belonging to the initial reclaimed land also remain under the ownership of the Government of Dubai. These areas are marked for future developments that will further enhance Business Bay.

Ongoing and Future Growth Plans

Business Bay is still seen as an emerging market with room for growth. Allowing various developers to shape different zones has created an eclectic business district catering to all sectors, with still much potential ahead.

Some ongoing and proposed projects in Business Bay by top real estate companies like Emaar, Meraas and Nakheel include hotels, residential buildings, serviced apartments, malls, and commercial offices. There are also plans to build transportation routes to improve connectivity with other parts of Dubai.

The vision is for Business Bay to continue thriving as a contemporary mixed-use precinct that appeals to both businesses and visitors from around the world.

Key Takeaway

Unlike other commercial areas developed by a single entity, Business Bay has the unique advantage of land ownership by multiple major developers in Dubai. This opens up opportunities for diverse real estate investments and infrastructure growth catalyzed by both government and private players.


In conclusion, Business Bay is not owned by just one entity, but rather has been carefully distributed between some of the most influential developers under Dubai’s government including Dubai Properties, TECOM Investments, Emaar, and parts retained by the Government itself for future projects.

This multi-ownership model has accelerated growth in Business Bay allowing it to establish its own distinct identity on Dubai’s soaring skyline. The next few years should see even more remarkable transformations as vacant plots are utilized and connectivity improves.

For investors and businesses seeking office, retail or hospitality space, or even residents looking for modern housing, Business Bay provides a vibrant self-contained district filled with potential driven by both public and private sector stakeholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who originally owned the land that became Business Bay in Dubai?
    The land occupied by Business Bay was reclaimed from the Persian Gulf by the Government of Dubai in 2002 as part of an expansion project for the city. The initial development was then handled by Dubai Holding.

  2. How many square feet make up the entire Business Bay district?
    Business Bay occupies a total land area of 64 million square feet that has been divided between various developers and entities by the Government of Dubai.

  3. What are some top developments by Dubai Properties in Business Bay?
    As one of the early key developers, Dubai Properties has constructed many popular commercial and residential projects like Business Tower, Vision Tower, La Rosa, Ubora Tower, Arjaan Hotel and The Business Bay Mall.

  4. What are examples of business community developments by TECOM Investments?
    TECOM Investments has focused on projects catering to businesses like Dubai Design District, Dubai Outlet Mall, Armada Towers and Studio One Hotel in Business Bay.

  5. What Emaar premium projects are located in Business Bay?
    Emaar has developed luxury residential and commercial projects in Business Bay including South Ridge Towers, IL Primo, One Business Bay and The One Residence.

  6. Why does the Government still own some land in Business Bay?
    The Government of Dubai has likely retained certain land plots to undertake future projects that will benefit the continued growth of Business Bay.

  7. What kind of new projects are proposed in Business Bay?
    Some future projects proposed by top Dubai developers include hotels, serviced apartments, malls, office spaces and residential buildings, as well as transportation links.

  8. How will connectivity to other parts of Dubai be improved?
    There are plans to build new transport routes like road and metro links for seamless connectivity between Business Bay other major areas like Downtown Dubai, Dubai International Financial Center and Dubai International Airport.

  9. Why has Business Bay’s ownership been split between multiple entities?
    Allowing major Dubai developers to each handle separate zones enables large scale parallel growth catering to diverse sectors, giving Business Bay an eclectic identity.

  10. How does multi-ownership benefit businesses looking to invest or set up in Business Bay?
    With different developers competing to attract investors across various industries, there are many options to find the right office/retail space and supporting amenities based on specific business requirements.

  11. What are the advantages for residents moving to Business Bay?
    Residents can find a range of housing types from studios to luxury suites situated close to offices, malls, hotels and public transit options making Business Bay an attractive self-contained district to live and work in.

  12. What is the overall vision for the future transformation of Business Bay?
    The vision is for Business Bay to build upon its strategic location and business-friendly infrastructure to become a global hub attracting multinational companies, visitors and residents from around the world.

  13. Who are the top real estate companies currently active in Business Bay projects?
    Major Dubai developers like Emaar, Dubai Properties, Meraas, Nakheel and TECOM Investments have all undertaken key projects in Business Bay with more in the pipeline.

  14. How soon will current vacant plots in Business Bay likely be utilized?
    Given massive demand, ample government backing, and private sector interest, the remaining vacant land parcels in Business Bay could see developments kicked off within the next 2-3 years.

  15. How satisfied are current Business Bay tenants and residents?
    Surveys indicate most tenants and residents are happy with Business Bay’s facilities, location, and growth potential, especially commending the lifestyle convenience, luxury amenities, and global community.

  16. What is Dubai Holding’s overall role in the development of Business Bay?
    As part of its mandate to diversify Dubai’s economy, Dubai Holding was the key entity that originally reclaimed the land and enabled initial infrastructure and construction through its real estate arm before passing on plots to other developers.

  17. Does Dubai Properties still own a significant portion of land in Business Bay?
    Yes, Dubai Properties retains ownership of prime land on the southern end of Business Bay focused on retail, hospitality and residential offerings totaling over 5 million square feet.

  18. How has the Dubai Design District uniquely impacted Business Bay?
    The Dubai Design District has added an entire creative industries hub attracting designers, artists, tech startups and other innovators that has helped diversify the profile of companies operating out of Business Bay.

  19. What are the Education clusters that TECOM has enabled?
    Educational institutes like Delhi Private School, Repton School, Emirates International Schools and Rugby School have set up facilities in nearby communities developed by TECOM like Dubai Sports City and Dubailand, providing schooling options to residents and employees working in Business Bay.

  20. Why has Nakheel not developed any major projects in Business Bay?
    While Nakheel has traditionally focused more on retail, hospitality and luxury residential offerings near Dubai waterfronts, as Business Bay expands, Nakheel may likely bid on future commercial plot tenders by the government earmarked for the area.

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