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What sells more in Dubai?

Dubai is known as a global hub for trade and commerce. Its strong economy, growing population, tourism industry and business-friendly policies make it a lucrative market for various products and services. Understanding the high-demand goods and the spending trends of people in Dubai can help businesses identify the top-selling items across different sectors.

What sells more in Dubai?

Electronics and Home Appliances

Dubai residents love buying the latest gadgets and home appliances. Some top-selling electronic items include:

  • Smartphones – iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and other premium phones are hugely popular. Cell phones account for 9.4% of household spending.
  • Laptops – Lightweight laptops from brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple do brisk sales throughout the year.
  • TVs – Branded Smart TVs with cutting-edge display technologies from Sony, LG, Samsung are bestsellers, especially during seasonal sales like Dubai Shopping Festival.
  • Air conditioners – Essential household item given Dubai’s hot climate. Inverter ACs from Daikin, LG, Samsung see robust demand.
  • Washing machines – Fully automatic front load washing machines sell quickly as most households prefer convenience.
  • Refrigerators – Double-door refrigerators from Bosch, LG, Samsung with large capacities and modern designs are highly popular.

Key Takeaway: Premium electronic devices and home appliances that offer advanced features, newer technologies along with reliable performance enjoy huge market demand in Dubai due to high consumer purchasing power.

Fashion and Accessories

Dubai’s renowned malls and shopping festivals drive massive sales for international fashion brands. Number one sellers include:

  • Clothing – Branded dresses, jeans, trousers, shirts, t-shirts and other apparel from global retailers like Zara, H&M, Uniqlo, Forever21 make up 35.2% of household expenditures.
  • Shoes – Stylish footwear for men and women sees strong demand throughout the year. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Skechers, Aldo are common bestsellers.
  • Bags – Designer handbags from Michael Kors, Coach, Gucci are coveted fashion accessories that sell in high volumes, mainly to female consumers and tourists.
  • Watches – Luxury watches from Rolex, Omega, TAG Heuer do brisk business in Dubai. Mid-range brands like Titan, Fossil also record healthy sales.
  • Sunglasses – Renowned eyewear brands including Ray-Ban, Oakley and local retailers like Sun Eye and Optix do excellent trade, given Dubai’s sunny climate.
  • Jewelry – Gold and diamond jewelry sell in large numbers, especially during festival sale seasons and New Year. Popular retailers are Joyalukkas, Malabar Gold among others.

Key Takeaway: International fashion labels along with globally renowned accessories brands command immense consumer appeal and sell in vast numbers across Dubai’s retail channels.

Cosmetics and Skincare

Dubai residents actively spend on personal care products from popular global brands:

  • Perfumes – Fragrances for men and women from luxury houses like Chanel, Dior, Armani, Yves Saint Laurent are hugely popular high-ticket items.
  • Skincare – Anti-aging creams, serums, cleansers from Clinique, Estee Lauder, Lancôme, Kiehl’s see strong demand from female consumers.
  • Makeup – Branded makeup products especially lipsticks, foundations, mascaras, eyeliners from MAC, Bobbi Brown, Huda Beauty do brisk sales.
  • Haircare – Salon-quality hair styling products from L’Oréal, Garnier, Pantene, Head & Shoulders record healthy demand.
  • Oral care – Toothpastes and toothbrushes from established names like Colgate, Oral B, Sensodyne maintain steady sales volumes throughout the year.

Key Takeaway: Premium personal care products from internationally renowned cosmetics labels enjoy massive popularity and sell prolifically across Dubai due to high living standards.

Food and Beverage Items

As a multicultural city, Dubai residents and tourists have diverse food preferences spanning international cuisines. Top-selling F&B products include:

  • Packaged foods – Branded snacks, chocolates, biscuits, juices, soft drinks, canned foods, bottled water and other grocery supplies from manufacturers like Cadbury’s, Nestle, Pringles, Coke, 7Up, Pepsi, Lulu group fly off shelves.
  • Spices – Packaged masalas and food ingredients essential for Indian cooking see good demand from the large Indian expat community. Brands like MDH, Everest, Badshah and Maharaja do steady business.
  • Dairy – Fresh milk, cheese, butter, cream and other dairy products maintain healthy sales volumes through the year. Top labels like Al Ain Fresh, Almarai, Arla, Kraft, Philadelphia have loyal consumer followings.
  • Seafood – Packaged and fresh shrimp, fish like hammour, salmon and regional favorites enjoy consistent sales due to high consumption by Asians and Arabs residing in Dubai.

Key Takeaway: Branded packaged foods and ingredients, dairy products, meat/seafood from well-known domestic and international suppliers maintain good market demand driven by diverse population.


Dubai offers a thriving retail ecosystem spanning electronics, fashion apparel, cosmetics, food categories. Affluent lifestyles coupled with savvy consumers who seek premium brands accounting for brisk sales of latest gadgets, designer clothing, luxury accessories, cosmetics as well as imported food varieties. Retailers must closely track changing consumer preferences to capitalize on large market opportunity. Adopting an omni-channel strategy integrating offline and online channels also encourages agile responses to dynamic demand.


Q: Which electronic product sells the most in Dubai?
A: Smartphones, especially iPhones, are the top-selling electronic item in Dubai with 9.4% of household expenditure allocated to cellphones. Latest iPhone models sell out quickly when launched.

Q: What is the most popular clothing brand in Dubai?
A: International fast fashion labels like Zara, H&M and Uniqlo record highest apparel sales in Dubai across their retail outlets driven by trendy designs and affordable pricing.

Q: Which luxury fashion accessories are in maximum demand in Dubai?
A: Designer handbags from leading global brands like Michael Kors, Coach, Gucci along with premium watches brands such as Rolex, Rado, Omega and sunglasses labels like Ray-Ban outsell other luxury accessories.

Q: Which personal care brand sells the most in Dubai?
A: Loreal Paris leads beauty and skincare product sales in Dubai market through varied makeup, haircare and cosmetics product portfolio suiting wide range of consumers.

Q: What packaged food items have highest sales in Dubai?
A: Branded snacks, chocolates, bottled beverages including Pepsi, Coca-Cola and packaged masalas, spices from companies like MDH maintain highest growth and volumes owing to rising demand.

Q: Which dairy company sells most units in Dubai annually?
A: Homegrown firm Al Ain Dairy is market leader with approximately 60% volume share of UAE’s dairy industry present across all Emirates. It sells most dairy products in both retail and bulk packaged segments.

Q: Is demand for electronic gadgets declining post-pandemic in Dubai?
A: No, latest research studies indicate consumption of electronics including smartphones, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles has risen post-pandemic across Dubai residents. Work-from-home and e-learning needs are driving robust sales.

Q: Which products have maximum demand during Dubai Shopping Festivals?
A: Shopping festivals boost high-value goods sales, especially gold ornaments, luxury watches, premium smartphones and electronics also apparel, footwear as retailers offer deep discounts to elevate spending sentiment.

Q: Is online shopping growing faster than retail stores in Dubai?
A: Yes, 61% of UAE consumers now prefer online shopping channels driven by discounts, promotions and convenience. By 2025, ~75% purchases will happen via ecommerce platforms, impacting future retail distribution strategies.

Q: Which unfamiliar products sell well in Dubai?
A: Novel items like electronic cigarettes, premium pet care accessories, sugar-free chocolates, organic food have gained popularity reflecting evolving lifestyle choices among new generation despite initial limited awareness.

Q: Do automobile sales slowdown during scorching summer months?
A: Yes, car sales drop compared to peak October to April season as consumers delay buying decisions. However, attractive year-end deals in December ahead of Dubai Shopping Festival lead to sharp uptick in automotive purchases.

Q: Which factors drive youth fashion trends in Dubai?
A: Young adults closely track celebrity styles, Instagram influencers, Netflix shows, Korean pop culture. Clothing brands quickly introduce garments endorsed by popular idols to capitalize on highly dynamic youth preferences.

Q: Why does demand for low-cost fashion fluctuate frequently?
A: Rampant discounting by fast fashion retailers causes buyers to postpone purchases to avail better deals later limiting full-price sales potential for economy brands and encouraging focus on high-margin products.

Q: How restaurants identify emerging food preferences in Dubai?
A: By tracking food photos shared by top food bloggers on social media sites like Instagram, YouTube and analyzing cuisine related Google search trends, restaurant chains formulate offerings that allow early tapping of budding culinary fads.

Q: Which factors are shifting perfume preferences among youth?
A: Gen Z show increasing liking for affordable, alcohol-free scents with natural essential oil based fragrances from homegrown niche brands aligned to eco-conscious, sober lifestyle pursuits.


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