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What is the best side business in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the top global entrepreneurial hubs with a thriving market and plenty of opportunities to start a business. For those looking to start a side venture while keeping their day job, Dubai offers multiple business ideas with low startup costs.

What is the best side business in Dubai?

The best side business opportunities in Dubai leverage the emirate’s status as both a tourist hotspot and trade hub. Businesses that cater to visitors or support the operations of larger companies can thrive here. When choosing a side business idea for Dubai, it’s also key to pick an industry you understand or can learn quickly.

Business Opportunities in Dubai

What type of side business should you start in Dubai? Here are some of the most promising industries:

  • Tourism – Tourism makes up over 10% of Dubai’s GDP. Catering to visitors through tour guide services, corporate event planning, specialty tourism (like food tourism or desert safari tours), or renting out properties on short-term rental platforms can be lucrative side businesses.
  • Logistics and Trade – Dubai’s trade activity means plenty of opportunities in areas like freight forwarding, procurement services, import/export assistance, trade financing, and more. These make good side businesses for professionals already familiar with how trade works.
  • Professional Services – Lawyers, marketers, HR professionals, trainers, and other experts can sell professional services as a side business in Dubai both to individuals and to larger companies. Professional qualifications and experience in your field are must-haves.
  • Ecommerce – Launching an online retail business and selling products locally or exporting to other markets can work well. Choose a specialized product line you can source reliably.
  • Food & Beverage – Whether you cook meals at home for delivery, provide catering services, operate a food truck, or prepare specialty foods to sell online, food is big business in Dubai. Focus on differentiated offerings.

Key Tips for Starting a Side Business in Dubai

Follow these tips when launching a part-time venture in Dubai:

Get licensed – You must have trade and operating licenses to legally run any business in Dubai. Free zones offer easier business setup and licensing for launching certain business types.

Build a business plan – Carefully assess costs, pricing, operations, and funding needs. conservative projections are wise for new ventures in Dubai.

Leverage connections – Networking is key in Dubai. Getting to know players in your industry can help drive word-of-mouth marketing for your side business.

Solve business pain points – Tailor your offerings to solve frustrations and pain points your target customers face. Provide real value.

Utilize digital marketing – Promote your side business in Dubai heavily on social media channels where your audience is active. Facebook Advertising and Google Ads can also help attract customers.

Provide exceptional service – Positive word-of-mouth will happen when you wow customers. Deliver on time, meet promises, and craft a solid customer experience.

Mind the legal requirements – Stay current on Dubai’s business laws and regulations relevant to your industry to avoid non-compliance issues as your side business grows.

Choosing the Best Side Business Industry in Dubai

Wondering which specific business makes for the very best side venture in Dubai nowadays?

Based on market trends, here are two top side business ideas with major growth prospects in coming years:

1. Food Truck Business

The food truck industry is booming in the UAE with plenty of demand from tourists, office workers, and event audiences. Dubai authorities recently eased food truck permits and set up designated operating areas around the emirate.

Profitability – Low overheads compared to restaurant setups paired with high foot traffic in key areas allows for strong profits. Reports indicate food truck owners earn 30-50K AED per month on average.

Demand – Food trucks saw a major rise in popularity during the pandemic. Industry reports forecast the UAE food truck industry reaching a value of $150M USD by 2026 as consumer interest, tourism, and construction activity in Dubai continue expanding.

Affordability – Basic food trucks start at an investment of around 60K AED in Dubai whereas upscale custom food trucks have a startup cost of 300K-500K AED.

Lifestyle appeal – Food trucks allow owners greater lifestyle flexibility compared to restaurants thanks to less overhead and more versatility in operating locations.

2. Corporate Event Planning

Dubai’s constant stream of conferences, galas, exhibitions and corporate meetings fuels steady demand for corporate event planners. This expertise translates well into a side business.

Market potential – Dubai ranked #4 worldwide for number of meetings and has over 600 yearly large-scale corporate events. 70% of event planners in the emirate are freelancers, showing room in the market for independent providers.

Profit margins – Event planning is a high margin industry. After recouping costs, net profit margins typically range from 20% to 50% per event depending on services provided.

Flexible model – Event planning side gigs allow you to choose services to offer and events to handle based on bandwidth, keeping your existing career. Build up operations over time or remain small-scale.

Relevant skills – Experience coordinating corporate events or meetings in a full-time job makes it easier to transition knowledge into an event planning side business quickly.

Key Takeaway

Starting a side business in a growth market like Dubai can be highly rewarding. Just be sure to assess regulatory requirements for your planned venture, build out a viable business plan, and leverage connections to establish your business. Launching either a food truck concept or an independent event planning service allow you to capitalize on two particularly thriving industries.


Dubai offers plenty of inviting opportunities for would-be entrepreneurs to launch side businesses while keeping their regular careers. Choosing a business idea that taps into Dubai’s strong tourism industry or leverages its hub status for global trade and events holds the most potential for profits and growth in coming years.

Both launching a specialty food truck and building out corporate event services as an independent planner represent smart plays in industries with surging demand from consumers and corporates in the emirate. Beyond studying market potential for business concepts in Dubai, some research on profitability expectations, startup costs, regulatory considerations, and keys to differentiating your customer value proposition is advised as you get your side venture off the ground.

With careful planning, providing a stellar customer experience, and effectively using digital channels and connections to market your services, a side business in Dubai can produce excellent returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the most profitable side business ideas in Dubai?
A. Some of the most profitable side businesses in Dubai are:

  • Food truck businesses
  • Corporate event planning services
  • Tourism ventures like specialty tours or corporate event hosting at rented short-term properties
  • Professional services in areas like marketing, law, training, and HR
  • Logistics, trade, and ecommerce businesses supporting Dubai’s import and export activity

Q. What type of business license do I need in Dubai?
A. The exact business license or permit required depends on your specific business activities. Main license types in Dubai include:

  • Commercial license – For general trading companies of all sizes
  • Professional license – For professionals offering services
  • Freelance/own-account permit – For smaller independent consultants or freelancers
  • Industrial license – For manufacturing and heavy industry
  • Tourism license – For tourism companies and hotels
  • Ecommerce license – For online retail and service businesses

Free zones in Dubai also offer alternate business licensing options.

Q. How much capital do I need to start a business in Dubai?
A. Capital requirements vary significantly based on your exact business. Budgets for a startup side business can range from as little as 10,000 AED for simpler concepts like an independent consulting outfit from your home office to 500,000 AED+ for more complex ventures like launching a fully equipped food truck.

Q. What support does Dubai offer entrepreneurs and SMEs?
A. Many government-backed entrepreneurship support initiatives for SME companies exist in Dubai, including:

  • Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund: Financing for innovating Emirati startups
  • Hamdan Innovation Incubator: Awards and incubation for innovative tech startup ideas
  • Khalifa Innovation Center: Training programs plus business evolution support and funding
  • Dubai SME: Support agency offering coaching, market access help, and capability development support for Dubai SME companies

Q. What are the most important elements of a business plan?
A. Essential sections to cover in your side business plan for Dubai include:

  • Company description/mission
  • Target market assessment & competitive analysis
  • Operational plan covering sales & marketing strategy, staffing, processes
  • Financial plan with projected P&L statement, cash flow needs, and breakeven analysis
  • Funding plan showing how much capital you need and will source
  • Risk assessment & mitigation strategies

Update and refine the plan as you launch and operate your business.

Q. How can I best market my services in Dubai?
A. Smart ways to market a side business in Dubai include:

  • Network extensively to build connections
  • Run targeted social media promotions, especially on Instagram and Facebook using detailed targeting abilities
  • Optimizing your Google My Business listing so your service appears prominently in relevant searches
  • Partner creatively with complementary businesses to co-market one another
  • Participate actively in relevant industry events and conferences in Dubai
  • Consider both digital and print advertising campaigns highlighting your competitive differentiation

Q. What licensing costs should I expect?
A. Typical licensing fees in Dubai include:

  • Commercial license: 10,000 AED to 30,000+ AED depending on activities
  • Professional firm license: 15,000 AED+
  • Own account permit: 7,500 to 10,000 per partner
  • Freelance permit: 3,000 to 7,000 AED
  • Free zone license fees start from around 10,000 AED (cheapest option)

Government fees to renew business licenses annually range from a few thousand AED up to 25,000+ AED.

Q. What are the most important things to research before starting a business in Dubai?
A. Conduct thorough research on:

  • The target market, competitors, growth projections and opportunity size for your business niche
  • Exact legal and licensing requirements for running your planned operations in Dubai plus associated fees and lead times
  • Location availability/costs for commercial, retail or industrial premises as relevant
  • Staffing needs, salary expectations, and talent availability for key roles
  • Required equipment, inventory and other overhead investments to understand full working capital requirements
  • Options and costs for business insurance, visas if hiring expat staff, etc.
    Thorough research allows you to craft a viable side business plan and budget for Dubai. Speak to players already operating your business type locally whenever possible.

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