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What city is Business Bay in?

Business Bay is a central business and residential district in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

What city is Business Bay in?

Business Bay Location

Business Bay is located along Dubai Creek in between the older neighborhoods of Bur Dubai and Deira. Some key details about the location:

  • Part of the greater Downtown Dubai area
  • Bordered by Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road
  • Connected to central Dubai via 6 routes including Al Khail Road, Al Asayel Street, and Omar Bin Al Khattab Road
  • Walking distance to Dubai’s main metro line with 3 stations servicing the area (Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall, Financial Centre, NOOR Bank)

Business Bay essentially links old and new Dubai, bridging the historic central districts with the modern downtown and financial centers. Its prime location has made it an attractive spot for businesses and residents alike.

Business Bay Map

Here is a map showing the location of Business Bay within greater Dubai:

As you can see, Business Bay occupies a centrally located area along the Dubai Creek waterway, close to major attractions like the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall.

History of Business Bay

Business Bay has emerged rapidly as a bustling neighborhood only within the last 15 years. Here’s an overview of how the area has developed:

  • 2000s – The bay area consisted mostly of empty plots of land as Dubai began major expansion projects. Plans were announced to transform the site into a new business hub.
  • 2007 – Infrastructure development commenced on roads, bridges, waterways, and utilities to service the future district.
  • 2008 – Dozens of high-rise towers started construction as developers bought plots to build offices, residences, hotels and more.
  • 2013 – With many towers complete, businesses and residents quickly moved into the new district though some plots remained undeveloped.
  • 2018 – A second wave of development helped bring amenities like malls, restaurants, parks and a beach club. Metro line access improved.
  • Today – Business Bay is a thriving community with over 150 towers complete and occupied by financial firms, tech companies, retailers, hotels, residents and more.

In just over a decade, Business Bay has become one of Dubai’s most vibrant destinations for living, working and entertainment. More continued growth is expected in the years ahead.

Notable Business Bay Buildings & Attractions

As a centrally located business, residential and leisure district, Business Bay contains hundreds of notable buildings and attractions. Some of the most famous landmarks in Business Bay include:

  • Burj Khalifa & Dubai Mall – The world’s tallest building and largest mall are located right at the edge of Business Bay.
  • Dubai Canal – The 3.2 km waterway runs through Business Bay, with pedestrian walkways, restaurants and boat tours.
  • Dubai Opera – This famous performing arts center hosts musicals, operas, ballets and more.
  • The Exchange Tower – An iconic 52-floor tower housing offices, a Ritz-Carlton hotel and dining/entertainment.
  • Central Park Towers – Luxury residential towers arranged around a lush, integrated park landscape.
  • La Rive – Mixed-use development on Dubai Canal featuring shops, restaurants, a beach club and offices.
  • Galeries Lafayette – Popular French department store located in the Boulevard complex.
  • Dubai Design District – A neighborhood focused on design, fashion and creative industries.

In addition to dramatic skyscrapers and entertainment attractions, Business Bay offers plenty of dining options like cafes, restaurants and nightlife venues as well as convenient access to essential services. It’s become a one-stop destination for many living or working in central Dubai.

Business Bay Urban Plan & Layout

Business Bay features an urban design consisting of over 230 skyscrapers, organized into different zones:

  • Business Zone – Cluster of commercial office buildings and hotels near Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Central Business District – Core mixed-use area with offices, hotels, residences and retail
  • Residential District – Apartments, townhouses, community parks and amenities
  • Dining & Entertainment Zone – Restaurants, cafes and retail outlets along canals and promenades
  • Financial District – Office towers housing banks, trading firms and financial companies

Unlike some Dubai districts built along rigid grid systems, Business Bay has an organic layout following the curve of Dubai Creek. Buildings are grouped into mini-neighborhoods focused on a particular theme like finance or arts.

The areas are interconnected through a network of roads, metro lines, trams, pedestrian bridges and walkways that make navigation seamless. Careful planning has allowed a high density of towers while retaining open spaces, water views and community feel.

Here is a diagram summarizing the different zones within Business Bay:

This thoughtful layout into specialized districts with world-class infrastructure is what makes Business Bay such an attractive, livable community in the heart of Dubai.

Business Bay Population & Demographics

Today, over 50,000 people live in Business Bay in apartments and townhouses spread across dozens of residential buildings. The population grew rapidly from just a few thousand residents in 2013 as more housing towers completed.

The district also hosts over 500 companies and corporations in its many commercial office buildings and free zone areas. These employ tens of thousands of white-collar professional workers.

Some key facts and figures about the Business Bay population:

  • Estimated 65-70% expatriate residents from diverse nationalities along with Emiratis and Arab expats
  • Roughly 55% residents fall in 25-44 age group – mostly young professionals and families
  • Predominantly middle, upper-middle and high income households populate the area
  • Majority of residents work in business services, banking/finance, tech, retail, tourism and creative sectors
  • Large student population in Dubai International Academic City just outside the district

So in summary, Business Bay today harbors a vibrant, diverse community with an international mix of young professionals, corporate workers, families, students and more.

The large day-time working population combined with residents and visitors has established Business Bay as a buzzing hub.

Advantages of Living in Business Bay

Beyond the central location, there are many attractive advantages to living in Business Bay, Dubai:


  • Direct metro access on the Red Line with 3 stations
  • Trams, buses, water transit options to connect around Dubai
  • 6 lanes Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road on either side
  • 30 minutes to Dubai International Airport
  • Near major highways like Emirates Road and Al Khail Road

Lifestyle Amenities

  • Iconic malls like Dubai Mall and The Outdoor Boulevard nearby
  • Lakes, parks, Dubai Canal and beach clubs for recreation
  • Dining, nightlife and entertainment at places like Dubai Opera
  • Schools, healthcare clinics and grocery stores conveniences

Employment Hubs

  • Surrounded by top business districts like Downtown and DIFC
  • Cluster of office towers provide corporate workplaces
  • Logistics firms near Jebel Ali Free Zone and Port
  • Dubai Design District, Arts & Culture Districts nearby

Reputable Developers

  • Properties built by leading names like Emaar and Meraas
  • High quality towers by top construction companies
  • Ongoing facilities management services

The combination of infrastructure access, lifestyle facilities, employment hubs and property reputation makes Business Bay a highly attractive community to move to.

Types of Properties in Business Bay

Given Business Bay caters to both businesses and residents, there is a diverse range of Dubai properties available:

Residential Properties

  • Apartments – 1-4 bedroom units in low to high rise buildings
  • Townhouses – 3-5 bedroom standalone or semi-attached houses
  • Serviced Apartments – Branded residences with hotel amenities

Commercial Properties

  • Office Spaces – Grade A towers with premium facilities
  • Retail Spaces – Shops, restaurants and cafes
  • Warehouses – Logistics and storage facilities

Hospitality Properties

  • Hotels – 5-star properties like InterContinental or Ritz-Carlton
  • Holiday Homes – Short term apartments for leisure guests

Whether you are looking to buy or rent, Business Bay offers competitive options for commercial or residential needs.

Business Bay Cost of Living

As a premium district, the cost of living in Business Bay sits at the higher end compared to other areas of Dubai. Here is an overview:

Rent Costs

  • Studio apartments start around AED 45,000 per year
  • 1-bedroom apartments from AED 65,000 per year
  • 2-bedroom apartments around AED 95,000 per year
  • 3-bedroom apartments over AED 140,000 per year
  • 4-bedroom apartments over AED 230,000 per year
  • Townhouses from AED 250,000 per year

Purchase Costs

  • Studios list around AED 650 psf on average
  • 1-bedroom units are AED 700 – 800 psf
  • 2-bedroom units range AED 750 – 950 psf
  • 3-bedroom units AED 800 – 1,100 psf
  • Townhouses AED 1,100 psf plus

Cost of Goods & Services

  • Groceries, dining and entertainment on the pricier end
  • Abundance of premium brand stores in nearby malls
  • Healthcare and education costs also higher

So in terms of living expenses, rents, property prices and lifestyle costs – Business Bay sits at the premium end given its prime location and upscale community. However, it remains an attractive option for those seeking a luxurious, convenient base in central Dubai.

Key Takeaways

  • Business Bay bridges old and new Dubai as a bustling district along Dubai Creek
  • Developed rapidly within the past 15 years into a business, residential and leisure hub
  • Over 150 towers completed including offices, malls, hotels, apartments and more
  • Business, financial, retail, dining and creative zones with organized layout
  • Estimated 50,000+ residents and 500+ companies based in the area
  • Excellent accessibility and lifestyle amenities make Business Bay highly livable
  • Options for leasing/buying apartments, townhouses, offices, shops and hotels
  • Premium Dubai location reflected in higher than average cost of living

So in summary, Business Bay has transformed from empty plots to a thriving community with world-class infrastructure, employment, leisure options and properties – making it one of Dubai’s most sought after destinations.


Within a short span of 15 years, Business Bay has emerged as one of the most vibrant mixed-use districts in Dubai. Its strategic location linking old Dubai with new downtown areas has made Business Bay a gateway bridging heritage and modernity.

Careful planning has allowed high density towers housing tens of thousands of residents and corporations, yet retaining open spaces and waterfront access. Seamless connectivity via roads, metro, buses and trams makes navigation easy. Zoned districts provide organized offerings of offices, retail, dining and recreation – giving Business Bay a dynamic community feel.

With continued infrastructure and property developments in the pipeline, Business Bay is certain to solidify its status as one of the most thriving destinations in Dubai to live, work and play.


Q: Where exactly is Business Bay located in Dubai?
A: Business Bay stretches across Dubai Creek bordered by Bur Dubai, Downtown Dubai and Dubai Design District centered around the Al Abraj Street area.

Q: How tall are the towers in Business Bay?
A: Towers range from low to high-rise, with the tallest towers reaching over 250 meters focused in the central business district zone.

Q: How many people live in Business Bay Dubai?
A: An estimated population over 50,000 people live in Business Bay in apartments, townhouses and branded residences across the district.

Q: What are the main business industries in Business Bay?
A: Main sectors include banking and finance, business services, technology, tourism & hospitality, retail, creative industries focused in Media City and Design District.

Q: What types of properties are available to buy or rent?
A: Options include apartments, townhouses, offices, warehouses, shops, cafes, hotels and holiday homes on short or long term basis.

Q: Is Business Bay a safe area to live and work?
A: With world-class infrastructure and 24/7 security services, Business Bay is regarded as a very safe district according to Dubai residents and expats.

Q: Is Business Bay considered affordable compared to other parts of Dubai?
A: No, as a prime location, Business Bay sits at the premium end in terms rents, property prices and cost of living compared to other districts in Dubai.

Q: Where can I find shops, restaurants and hotels in Business Bay?
A: The main dining, retail and hospitality zone is along the Dubai Canal waterfront including places like La Rive complex and nearby Dubai Mall.

Q: How can I travel to Business Bay using public transport?
A: The Red Metro Line services stations like Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall, Noor Bank and Financial Centre walking distance to most towers. Buses and trams also connect Business Bay across Dubai.

Q: Which developers construct most Business Bay residential towers?
A: Top developers include mega-firms like Emaar, Meraas and prominent names Emirates Crown, Sobha and Schon Properties.

Q: Is Business Bay just offices or also homes for people?
A: It is a mixed-use district with almost equal numbers of commercial and residential towers. Tens of thousands live in apartments and townhouses in Business Bay.

Q: Is Business Bay better for commercial or residential properties?
A: Given its central location and connectivity, Business Bay is regarded as one of Dubai’s top destinations attractive for both commercial and residential buyers/renters.

Q: How long does it take to drive to Downtown Dubai or Dubai Airport?
A: It is only a 10-15 minute drive to Downtown and under 30 minutes drive to reach Dubai International Airport depending on traffic conditions.

Q: Are there schools, clinics, parks and supermarkets in Business Bay?
A: Yes, supporting amenities like grocery stores, healthcare, community centres, nurseries and public spaces are integrated across residential buildings.

Q: Do I need a car if I live in Business Bay?
A: While a car offers convenience, Business Bay has created infrastructure for car-free transport via metro, trams, buses and taxis to key zones of Dubai.

Q: What are the upcoming or under construction projects in Business Bay?
A: New commercial and residential skyscrapers launches, a shopping mall expansion, marina and canal-side dining project are some developments in the pipeline.

Q: I plan to move my company to Business Bay – how much do offices cost?
A: Grade A commercial space starts around AED 2,000 psf in purchase rates and AED 325 psf for yearly leases.

Q: What are the top landmarks and attractions in Business Bay?
A: Key landmarks include Burj Khalifa skyscraper, Dubai Mall, Dubai Canal waterfront, Dubai Opera, The Exchange Tower, Central Park Towers, Dubai Design District, and Galeries Lafayette department store.

Q: How long has Business Bay been developed for?
A: Business Bay started major development around 2007. The first towers and infrastructure completed in 2013, with most construction done by 2018. It has seen rapid growth in under 15 years.

Q: Are there any major companies or multinationals based in Business Bay?
A: Yes, over 500 companies have offices in the district including financial institutions, tech firms, hospitality brands and retail giants focused in the commercial buildings.

Q: What are the differences between residential zones in Business Bay?
A: Key residential areas include central luxury apartments, Canal-side branded homes, family oriented towers near Central Park and affordable buildings along Al Khail Road.

Q: Is Business Bay part of the Downtown Dubai area?
A: While located right next to Downtown Dubai across the creek, Business Bay is considered its own distinct district on the Dubai municipality maps.

Q: Can I easily walk around Business Bay or do I need transport?
A: The area is very walkable with shaded streets, pedestrian bridges and transit options connecting between towers and neighborhoods. Using metro, tram or e-scooter can further extend your range.

Q: What are some flagship projects coming up in Business Bay?
A: Upcoming developments include Dubai Creek Harbor across the water and Dubai Creek Tower, set to be worlds tallest tower in the near future.

Q: Does Business Bay have a lot of things to do for fun and leisure?
A: Yes, with attractions like Dubai Canal, beach clubs, Central Park, dining options, retail stores and proximity to Downtown Dubai – there is plenty to experience leisurely.

Q: What are consultancy rates and business setup costs in Business Bay free zones?
A: License costs start from AED 7,500 plus office spaces AED 2,500 per desk. PRO services, visas approx AED 6,000/person yearly. Corporate set up from AED 21,000.

Q: I am looking to buy an affordable investment property in Business Bay – any recommendations?
A: Look for studios or 1-bed options in buildings along Al Wasl Road or Al Khail Road for ROI as prices are expected to appreciate over long term.

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