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Setting up a business in Sharjah Publishing City FreeZone

Sharjah is an upcoming Dubai free zone. It is located along the Persian Gulf coast between Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. Sharjah offers many attractions to visitors and residents alike, such as the Wide Wadi Water Park and the Universal Studios Theme Park. In Sharjah, you can also enjoy recreational and commercial activities, educational and cultural programs, and sporting events, such as the National Stadium. Sharjah possesses a thriving commercial and investment community, which have led to its development as a thriving tourist area.

Sharjah’s Free Zone is not similar to any other city in the world. This area was designed for the express purpose of attracting international business to the area. Sharjah enjoys a very favorable location that has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages associated with the Free Zone include an extremely low cost of living, access to a wide range of services and products, easy accessibility to major Sharjah cities including the capital city, and easy accessibility to international waters and airports. In addition, the government provides a variety of incentives to businesses in the area, and foreign direct investments are quite favorable.

However, disadvantages of the free zone include Sharjah being a very small area. Because there are limited numbers of businesses operating in Sharjah, competition for services and products is fierce. Also, the political and social environment in Sharjah is quite unstable, and international companies must take extra security precautions due to the possibility of mistreatment and security threats.

Sharjah enjoys an abundance of sunlight. Therefore, the cost of cooling and heating in the free zone is relatively high. Moreover, the lack of daylight also affects the operation of the business industry. Hotels, restaurants, and banks in Sharjah do not operate during daylight hours. Consequently, businesses must operate 24 hours a day.

Sharjah’s free zone offers a great deal of opportunities for business owners. The Sharjah International Airport and Dubai Mall offer great shopping experiences for shopaholics and business owners, and Dubai Shopping Village promise a one-of-a-kind shopping experience with its state of the art electronic shops and boutiques. Sharjah’s main commercial center, the Business Bay, is home to a wide range of traditional stores selling clothing, spices, jewellery, electronics, and other consumer goods. Sharjah even boasts a number of malls, including the Sharjah Mall and the Al Maktounah Shopping Complex.

For Sharjah’s new and emerging business community, the free zone provides an opportunity to purchase or lease commercial property. In addition, business owners may obtain permits to construct offices and rental spaces. Although business owners may find it difficult to compete in these markets due to the low labor and material costs associated with local labor, the free zones provide an alternative for businesses that want to benefit from the development happening around the city.

Many of Sharjah’s business owners have opted to rent commercial property in the free zone. This has allowed many of these business owners to capitalize on the fast-paced development happening around Sharjah. Sharjah’s free zones provide Sharjah with an inexpensive space for establishing a business. Renting a free space allows business owners to have their own tenants, rent their own office space, and control their own budget. Sharjah’s business owners can enjoy all the benefits of the growing Sharjah market without all the risks.

The Sharjah Publishing City has seen rapid development happened over the past decade. This growth has created an environment where business owners can thrive. Sharjah’s free zones allow business owners to create a strong presence in the area. Sharjah’s thriving economy provides many ways for business owners to make money. Whether you choose to set up your own office, rent an office space, or open your own printing shop, you will find plenty of business opportunities and employment in Sharjah