How to Setup a Company in Dubai

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How to Setup a Business in Dubai.

When it comes to establishing any new business or organization in Dubai, the first thing that you need to do is to formulate a business plan. This document is very important as it serves as the initial piece of information which will be used in gathering investors, and lenders as well as government officials to support your venture. Your business plan should include a brief history of your company, objectives, and market analysis. All this information will help you raise funds for your business through different means. The process to start a business in Dubai is not too complicated.

The process to start a business in Dubai starts by listing all the required documents that have to be submitted with the Dubai authorities. Among these documents are the business license, registration certificate, tax registration documents, deposit agreement, operating agreement, contracts with various professionals, and business projections. After completing the process to start a business in Dubai, you will have to register the business with the Department of Commerce.

Once your business has been registered, you can proceed to drawing up your business plan. You can get help from us to prepare a business plan. We can also help you draft a lease contract for your office space. Most importantly, you must get your business registered with the Dubai Ministry of Economic Development (DED). The DED has different registration numbers for different legal purposes.

The next step in the process to start a business in Dubai is to obtain the necessary permits. For instance, you have to apply for a business license from the Dubai authorities. Next, you have to submit your project plan, which includes your estimated annual revenue, target market, and other related information. If you wish, you can use our services  as we are legal consultants for preparing your papers. On completion of all these processes, you should be able to launch your new business.

The last step in the process to start a business in Dubai is the acquisition of the required licenses and papers from the Dubai government. For this, you will need the application form from the concerned department. You must also submit three business references that are confirmed through email. These references should be individuals who have dealt with your company in the past. Once all the requirements are completed, you will get your business license. A copy of this will be given to the concerned department for submission to the ministry of labor and commerce.