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The product registration requirement in Dubai Municipality is made compulsory in Dubai, UAE to regulate and process the import, good manufacturing, and marketing & Branding of all products. The “Municipality” of each “emirate” is the complete authority with which the importers and all local manufacturers are required to register their goods and the products. The “product registration process in Dubai” ensures that the packaging and the information in the products displays all the required and necessary information to the customers. The “product registration in Dubai ”, benefits the authorities to check whether the manufacturers and the importers of the products are following the consumer safety standards. The process of “product registration” is common with all the Dubai municipalities of the emirates, for example:  Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Fujairah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman & Ras Al Khaimah.

  • Local Manufacturers
  • Importers of Products

a) Local Manufacturers:

The companies in Dubai that manufacture food and beverages, costly cosmetics or any other goods and products within the UAE are mandated to “register their products” with the Dubai Municipality. The local product manufacturers must then approach the “Consumer Products Safety Section ” in Dubai to confirm that their products and goods are registered. The shareholders of the company are asked to confirm that their products have received a proper certifications  and test before the goods are imported or enter the UAE market.

b) Importers of Products:

The companies that manufacture products and goods overseas are mandated to “register the products with the Dubai Municipality” for importing the products into the Dubai market. It is compulsory for the shareholders of the organization to make sure that the products are well registered before it reaches Dubai, UAE.

You are going to be taken aback when you learn that only 15 per cent of residents in Dubai are locals, while the remaining 85 per cent are ex-pats. The cosmopolitan emirate is welcoming to visitors from other countries, and there is no sense of isolation, as one could have when travelling to a country in which they do not have a native population.

The business environment of Dubai is quite friendly, given that the fundamental rules are considered. For example, the name of the business should not violate the laws of the country by any means. There should not be any religious inclination taglines or business names. Also, most important, the legal forms of the company must be followed, for example –LLC, FZE, etc.

Nevertheless, the first priority should be to find a suitable business agent and consultant to help you navigate through the process.

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