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Why Setup Business in Dubai Biotechnology & Research Park Dubiotech FreeZone?

Dubai has recently been chosen as one of the top destinations for establishing a new business in the fields of pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology and other new and emerging technologies. The chief reason behind this is the Dubai Biotechnology & Research Park (DBPRP). This city boasts of an excellent setting that can serve as a great hub for business. This will pave way for establishments to flourish as well as the establishment of the latest technologies that have great potentials. There are certain requirements that are necessary for successful company formation in Dubai.

Company Formation In order to establish a business in Dubai, you must be ready with all the legal formalities and official documents. You must be aware of the Dubai laws that are imposed for company registration. There are certain laws that are imposed for keeping the identity of the company a secret. Also, there are certain strict regulations that are imposed for the same. It is important to keep these requirements in mind when making any decision or preparing any document for a company registration in Dubai.

Companies may choose to establish their business in Dubai through either an Individual Business or Company Registration. There are several benefits of doing business through an individual rather than through a company. The company formation process is time consuming and expensive; the company has to maintain its secrecy for the protection of the identity of the company and the management of the finances also takes up a lot of time and money. However, in Dubai, there are several professional companies that offer administrative services in case of company formation or for individual matters.

The Dubai Biotechnology & Research Park (DBPRP) have attracted several pharmaceutical companies to establish their business here. The main aim of the government in Dubai is to promote the development of medical science and also to make sure that it becomes a hub for medical research. The city is well known for its many hospitals and medical institutions. Some of the well-known hospitals in Dubai are the King Khumani Medical Campus, Dubai Princess Al-Arab Hotel and Dubai University Hospital. These hospitals provide top quality medical treatment and healthcare at extremely low costs. The hospitals and medical institutions are well established and the local population is friendly and helpful towards foreign doctors and hospitals.

One of the largest companies in the market is Dubiotechnology. This company was established by a group of renowned scientists. The company was incorporated in 1996 and is located on the Middle East region. Dubiotechnology is focused towards developing the bio-tech products that will meet the growing demands of the medical world. The company uses traditional breeding methods along with advanced genetic engineering techniques for the development of various bio-tech products. Some of the products manufactured by Dubiotechnology include enzymes, protein fragments, cell cultures, genetic solutions and various pharmaceutical products.

The Dubai Food and Beverage Company (FBC) are also located in Dubai. This company produces and sells food products for the people of the United Arab Emirates. The company’s products are sold in different restaurants and groceries throughout the United Arab Emirates.

Dubiotechnology and IDEA Biopharmaceuticals are only two of the many pharmaceutical companies located in Dubai. There are many more biotechnology and pharmaceutical establishments located here. Dubai has a thriving trading industry and has become a global leader in the fields of finance, infrastructure and technology. The main industries are retail trading, tourism, commercial fishing, construction and engineering.