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Can an Indian open a bank account in Dubai?

Opening a bank account in Dubai as an Indian national can offer conveniences like paying utility bills, receiving payments and accessing money while living there. While traditionally aimed at residents, some banks now allow non-resident Indians (NRIs) to open accounts too. Here’s what to know about eligibility, documentation, account types and leading banks for Indian expats in Dubai.

Can an Indian open a bank account in Dubai?

Eligibility Criteria for Indians to Open Dubai Bank Accounts

The main requirements Indians must meet to open a Dubai bank account include:

Residency Status

  • Residents – Any valid UAE residence visa like employment, investor, dependent or student.
  • Non-residents – Only some banks allow NRIs to open accounts with an overseas Indian passport or UAE visit visa.

Documentation Needed

  • Passport copy with valid visa page for residents or latest entry stamp for non-resident Indians
  • UAE ID card or Emirates ID for residents
  • Salary certificate or income proofs may be needed by some banks

Minimum Balance

  • Varies by bank account type but averages 500-10,000 AED

So if you have the right resident status and documents as an Indian national, you can open certain Dubai bank accounts. The next sections elaborate on the types of accounts on offer and leading banks providing accounts to Indian expats and NRIs.

Types of Bank Accounts Available for Indians in Dubai

There are several standard account types Indians in Dubai can open, including:

1. Savings Accounts

These allow basic banking transactions like cash deposits and withdrawals, local fund transfers, ATM access, cheque book facility and more. Start with low minimum balances from 500-5,000 AED. Useful for salaried individuals.

2. Current/Salary Accounts

Ideal for payroll and transactions for businesses or working professionals paid monthly. Higher minimum balances Apply, often above 10,000 AED. Come with debit cards, cheque books, internet banking and similar facilities.

3. Fixed or Term Deposit Accounts

Higher interest earnings than savings accounts for parking surplus funds for fixed tenure of 1 month to a few years. Minimum deposits often over 100,000 AED. Useful for investors and high net worth individuals.

4. NRI Accounts

Exclusive offerings by some banks for overseas Indians without UAE residency. Support NRI services like international money transfers, internet banking, multi-currency accounts and cheque books.

Apart from these, specialized accounts for students, minors, women and Islamic banking customers also Exist. Overall, meet eligibility criteria and banks can offer suitable accounts with desired facilities.

Top Dubai Banks Offering Accounts for Indians

Many leading UAE and foreign banks operating in Dubai provide accounts specifically for Indian passport holders and NRIs. Recommended Options include:

1. Emirates NBD

As a premier Dubai-based bank, Emirates NBD offers feature-rich savings and current accounts to Indians. Minimum balances start from AED 2,000 with free cheque books and debit cards. Online banking and mobile apps provide convenience.

2. Mashreq Bank

Another recommended local bank providing accounts to Indian individuals and businesses. Offers Jorah savings accounts in four currencies including Indian Rupees with low opening balances. Free debit cards and internet banking.

3. CitiBank

The Dubai branch of the American multinational bank provides Citi gold and Citi Preferred accounts to Indians with higher minimum balances but premium banking facilities. Multi-currency accounts possible.

4. HDFC Bank

Top Indian private sector bank HDFC provides dedicated accounts for NRIs and residents in Dubai. Offers checking/current accounts, fixed deposits, savings accounts, remittances and money transfers in INR. Competitive rates and charges.

5. Bank of Baroda

State-owned Bank of Baroda is another Indian bank with UAE operations. Provides NRI accounts, FCNR and NRE savings accounts in INR and multi-currency variants for Indians in Dubai. Reasonable minimum balance needs and charges.

Check exact minimum balances, fees, branch/ATM locations and other terms before opening accounts with any bank in Dubai. But as an Indian national, you have multiple choices across local and Indian financial institutions.

Key Takeaways – Can Indians Open Dubai Bank Accounts?

  • Indians with valid UAE resident visas can open feature-rich savings, salary, term deposit accounts with most Dubai banks.
  • Even NRIs can open Dubai bank accounts now with some banks like Citi, HDFC and Bank of Baroda.
  • Need passport copy with visa page or entry stamp, Emirates ID, salary proofs for resident accounts.
  • Minimum balances start from AED 500 for basic savings accounts at leading local and Indian banks.
  • Choose banks like Mashreq and Emirates NBD for convenient resident banking. HDFC and Citi also offer NRI accounts.


While traditionally aimed at UAE residents, major local banks like Emirates NBD and Mashreq plus leading multinationals such as Citi and Indian banks now allow Indians to open different types of accounts in Dubai. Even NRIs may open accounts sometimes. Simply meet eligibility criteria set by the bank and submit KYC papers as an Indian to start banking conveniently in Dubai. This makes paying utility bills, accessing liquid cash and transferring money easier while living there.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: Can Indian citizens open a basic savings account in Dubai?
Yes, Indian expats with UAE residence visas can easily open savings accounts in Dubai with low minimum balances starting from AED 500-2000 at most major retail banks. Useful for transactions.

Q2. What are the major Dubai banks offering accounts for resident Indians?
Top Dubai-based banks like Emirates NBD and Mashreq provide suitable savings and salary accounts for Indians with resident status. Leading multinationals like HSBC, Citibank also offer accounts.

Q3. What documents do Indians need for opening Dubai bank accounts?
You need passport copy with valid visa page, Emirates ID proof, UAE phone number verification, salary/income certificate sometimes. Additional proofs maybe needed for bigger accounts.

Q4. Can non-resident Indians also open accounts in Dubai?
Now some international banks like Citibank, SBI and private Indian banks like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank allow overseas Indians to open Dubai accounts without UAE residency under certain criteria.

Q5. Which bank account options are available to Indians in Dubai?
Savings accounts, current/salary accounts for transactions, term deposits for earning higher interest on surplus balances. Some banks offer dedicated NRI accounts and women’s accounts too.

Q6. What are the charges for maintaining accounts in Dubai as an Indian?
Charges vary across banks but include debit card fees, cash withdrawal fees beyond monthly limits, low balance penalties, online banking subscription charges etc. But basic savings accounts often have minimal charges.

Q7. Can students or minors open Dubai bank accounts?
Yes, students above 21 years and minors above 15 years can open savings and youth accounts with guardians being joint account holders in most Dubai banks nowadays.

Q8. Is internet banking provided in Dubai bank accounts?
Yes, most standard savings, current/salary and NRI accounts from leading Dubai banks come with free online banking and mobile banking facility nowadays for convenient transactions.

Q9. Are multi-currency accounts available in Dubai for Indians?
Yes, many Dubai banks now provide multi-currency accounts to resident and NRI Indians allowing holdings and transactions in AED, USD, EUR, GBP, INR etc under one account using best Exchange rates.

Q10. Can an Indian visiting Dubai open a bank account?
Unfortunately, banks don’t normally allow short term visitors and tourists including Indians to open accounts in the UAE without residence visas. You need either resident status or look for NRI accounts.

Q11. What services do Dubai bank accounts offer to Indian account holders?
Standard services include cash deposits/withdrawals, local and international fund transfers, cheque book, debit card, internet banking, utility bill payments, loan/overdraft facilities, multi-currency accounts etc.

Q12. Are separate accounts needed for businesses and individuals?
Yes, most Dubai banks offer distinct individual savings/salary accounts for personal banking and corporate accounts for business owners including Indians with required license proofs. Different charges apply.

Q13. Can joint accounts be opened by Indians in Dubai banks?
Yes, basic joint accounts generally with the “either or survivor” mandate are permitted for family members and partners at some added cost. Know exact rules on operational rights before opting for joint accounts.

Q14. Is the account opening process online or offline in Dubai banks?
While online account opening has recently started for some basic salaried resident accounts, full KYC verification is still done by visiting bank branches in person most cases currently. Easier for established residents though.

Q15. Which Dubai bank has the maximum branches/ATMs in UAE?
Emirates NBD has an extensive network of over 220 branches and 1000+ ATMs across major UAE locations, making it easiest for account holders to conduct transactions besides online banking.

Q16. Can resident and non-resident accounts be combined at some point?
Yes, when transitioning from NRI to resident status, you can convert or upgrade existing NRI accounts to resident accounts by submitting new visa and ID proofs in future to account banks without major issues.

Q17. Are credit cards also available with Dubai bank accounts?
Yes, most feature-rich salary/current accounts from leading Dubai banks come bundled with credit card facilities these days apart from debit cards. Even some savings accounts offer credit cards subject to salaries and credit reports.

Q18. Is nominee declaration required for accounts in Dubai banks?
Yes, account holders are recommended to provide local or overseas nominee details to banks for transmission of balances just in case of any eventuality during active account term, as per local regulations.

Q19. Can online aggregators help Indians in opening Dubai bank accounts?
Yes, companies like Sarwa and India Filings offer NRI account opening assistance including document submission, liaising with banks etc for a fee, making it easier to open Dubai accounts while still overseas.

Q20. Which Dubai bank account option is best for students?
Most leading banks offer dedicated student accounts or youth accounts more suited to their basic needs with lower balance needs and free transactions, debit cards tailored for young account holders alongside full-service accounts later.

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