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How To Setup Business in Fujairah?

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Fujairah is a flourishing emirate that has a great blend of traditional and modern cultural elements. A vibrant creative environment, world class dining and entertainment facilities, international standard hotels and recreational parks are key features of the commercial zone of Fujairah. As a result, many international businesses have established their business presence in Fujaira and many more have decided to set up their business premises in the city of Fujairah.

How to Start a Business ‚Äčin Fujairah Free Zone?

Complete the business application form.
Document the Business plan.
Attach the copy of the existing trade license or registration certificate.
Add colored passport photo copies of the company and the shareholder or the appointed Managers and Directors for the company.

The fourth advantage is that Fujairah enjoys good connectivity with a number of international cities. This is possible thanks to the presence of a number of airports that service flights from major cities around the world. The city has regular flights from London, Tokyo, Seoul, and Taipei. This means that business people need not invest too much on transportation costs when they visit these cities for business purposes.

Another advantage of business setup in Fujairah is the absence of a legal requirement for business houses to obtain a license before they can start selling their products and services in the open market. This means that there is no risk involved in case the business turns out to be a flop. A number of businessmen in Fujairah have reported a lot of success in Fujairah despite of having no business license in Fujairah or permits to operate their enterprise. However, they must take note that their success might have something to do with the business structure they have in place and might not be attributed to any lack of licensing.

The third advantage is that business houses are not required to rent office in Fujairah and pay rental fees in return for using commercial space. These fees, coupled with sales taxes, are very expensive for small businesses. On the other hand, commercial properties in Fujairah have a fixed rate of rent that business houses have to pay annually. This makes commercial real estate investment in Fujairah an attractive option for those who are looking to get into the business. Aside from this, there are no business obligations in Fujairah that business owners have to face in Fujairah for company setup.

The entrepreneurial spirit that flourishes in Fujairah is further fueled by the presence of a number of highly skilled professionals. As a result, entrepreneurs are not at a loss to find business houses that can satisfy their requirements and cater to their tastes and preferences. There are numerous benefits to setup business in Fujairah.

The primary advantage of establishing a business in Fujairah is the availability of a free economy that encourages free enterprise. Under such an environment, business owners do not have to seek support from governmental bodies or ask for donations from citizens in order to establish their venture. They also have no fear of being fined or charged hefty tax payments. In addition, they do not have to worry about getting licenses as required by various jurisdictions. This is a major advantage as it provides a great market opportunity to business houses.

Advantages of Setting Up Your Business in Fujairah

The fifth advantage is that business formation in Fujairah can easily set up a number of departments. This is because the Fujairah has all the modern facilities that can help them in running their businesses more efficiently. This includes state-of-the-art business centers, high speed internet services, business centers, fax machines, and copiers. This advantage is especially beneficial to those who have several branches or offices in different places throughout the city. Business houses can easily set up business units in different locations in Fujairah.

The sixth advantage for business setup in Fujairah is that business people can save time and money when they engage in trading activities in Fujairah. Because the city has a well-developed financial market, business houses can enjoy competitive rates when they purchase goods or commodities in the local market. This is another advantage that business owners have in Fujairah. A number of banks and financial institutions offer low interest loans to businesses for trading purposes in Fujairah.