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Setting up a business in PC Kubba Port FreeZone

A decade ago, when AdPC Khalifa started to market its first home security products in the market, it had already established a name. This company, which later became ADPC Security Group became one of the leading providers of home security alarm systems. The company which has been operating for more than ten years has built its reputation as one of the leaders in the industry. The company is continuously improving its security products to ensure that homeowners are protected and will have peace of mind.

The company guarantees complete safety and security for all premises including the house, shops, and commercial places like malls, ATM, banks etc. These devices are installed by experts who follow standard guidelines and techniques. The installation process usually takes around 2 hours. The whole security system has various options like indoor and outdoor surveillance. You can also get ADPC Security Group monitorin

There are many benefits of ADPC Security Group. The main benefit is that you will get round the clock surveillance with high-resolution cameras that can be monitored from remote locations. This gives you the comfort of knowing that your loved ones are fine even while you are away. The cameras also have night vision facility which allows the guards to watch the suspicious activities at night. The cameras also allow you to see the faces of the people who are entering your premises. You can view the faces and voices using the video cameras.

The system also has an internal motion detector and an external high-tech camera that can be controlled remotely. You can view the captured images on a monitor. If you want you can also feed the images to your cell phone through the IP cabled network. The monitor can be viewed from any location even from the distant locations. You can also view the live video feed on the Internet whenever you like.

The free area is surrounded by a huge and beautiful artificial lagoon. The beach and waters of the artificial lagoon include water slides, cafes, restaurants, and facilities for water sports. This makes this area very popular with families. The beaches are separated into several sections, and there are also areas set aside for commercial activities.

ADPC Security has advanced features like smart card reader, card lock, and keypad. It can be used with the latest PC operating systems like Windows 2021, XP, or Window NT. It provides an interactive and user-friendly interface for the users. The customer support is always available for help or information

The system comes with a manual and an online manual. These manuals offer you easy-to-follow instructions. They also provide you an online forum where you can get comprehensive information on how to utilize the system. This forum is very helpful for troubleshooting and discussing problems

With the Kubba Dubai port, you get high-quality audio and video monitoring. It enables you to view all of your system’s activity in real-time. In addition, the system comes with a virtual private network (VPN). This means that your employees are assigned their own unique IP address. You can able to monitor the activity of each employee separately and view their details in real-time from anywhere you are.