Business Activities In A UAE Free Zone

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Setting Your UAE Company Begins With SDB

Among the very first choices to consider on your trip towards integrating a UAE free zone company, and any business in the UAE for this matter would be to pick the most acceptable small business action. This practice is quite straightforward, and you may even select multiple company tasks. On your first complimentary consultation with us, we’ll assist you to determine the most acceptable action or actions for your company to ensure a seamless application process for the UAE trade permit. The categories below outline a few of the very popular small business activities you may choose from when setting up your UAE free zone firm with MMC.

Business Activities


Activities supported include radio broadcasting, TV broadcasting, and internet streaming. Authority approval is necessary and only particular packages support this action.


Consultancy covers a vast selection of consulting tasks such as business consultancy, lifestyle consultancy, investment consultancy, legal transcription, and human resource consultancy.

Education and Training

A vast assortment of actions fall under the instruction and training classes, but please note that these are only accessible under bundles with visa qualifications.

Event Management

Event management covers several tasks, from conference business to theater creation and much more.

Film, Production, and Post-Production

This class covers permits for activities including art, film, and video creation, in addition to post-production.


Industrial licenses cover manufacturing and the processing of raw products. These actions frequently match warehousing requirements.

IT services

IT services cover a variety of tasks within the information and communications technologies industry, such as e-commerce.

Media and Marketing Services

This class covers a range of activities such as advertising, public relations, analysis, and even more.

New Media

IT services cover a variety of tasks within the information and communications technologies industry, such as e-commerce.

Entertainment and music

This especially relates to music creation and recording, music marketing and direction, music rights in addition to theme parks direction.

Publishing Activities

Like publishing of guides and directories, education and customer publications, magazines, online and digital content, and even more. Special approval from governments will likely be required.


Trading actions can be associated with any import or export-related trades.